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8 Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Cleaning.

Have you considered hiring Janitorial Services NYC for your business or office? Using a professional cleaning service offers many advantages compared to cleaning yourself or having untrained staff to handle it. Let’s discuss the top 8 reasons to hire professionals to clean your commercial space.

1.    Consistent Deep Cleaning

Professional cleaners thoroughly sanitize your whole workplace on a routine basis. They scrub surfaces, sanitize restrooms, take out the trash, dust, vacuum, mop, and more. This consistent care keeps any business clean.

Commercial cleaning services deliver consistent and thorough cleaning. Janitorial teams methodically clean every inch of a client’s office. This regular care keeps the workspace looking its best. Having cleaners routinely disinfect high-traffic areas also promotes wellness. Germs have less chance of spreading when surfaces are regularly sanitized.

2.     Allows Employees to Focus on Core Work

Janitorial Services NYC handles all cleaning tasks. This allows a company’s staff to focus on their regular responsibilities. Employees don’t have to take time away from critical projects for cleaning duties. The cleaners handle all the dirty work which lets staff stay focused.

Hiring outside janitorial staff to handle cleaning allows employees to devote their energy to business-critical tasks. Workers don’t have to take time away from their specialized roles to disinfect desks or take out trash. The cleaning crew handles these duties so staff can focus on core responsibilities.

3.     Promotes Workplace Wellness

Commercial cleaning encourages workplace wellness. Janitorial services regularly sanitize common spaces and disinfect high-traffic areas. Their efforts minimize the spread of germs. Fewer germs result in fewer sick days taken by staff.

Deep Cleaning Service NYC helps in maintaining a healthy workspace. Scrubbing surfaces and disinfecting key areas regularly lessen the spread of germs. Staff tend to get sick less often with fewer germs circulating in the office. This leads to higher productivity thanks to fewer sick days.

4.     Enhances Company Image

Janitorial Services NYC also boosts a business’s image. Having spotless offices and facilities makes a good impression on visiting clients, vendors, and job candidates. Cleanliness showcases organizational excellence. Similarly, dirty facilities have the opposite effect.

Visitors entering a sparkly workspace get a positive first impression. Well-maintained offices showcase attention to detail. However, trash overflowing or grimy floors suggest operational problems. Above all, quality Janitorial Services support branding by keeping facilities neat.

5.     Improves Air Quality

Professional cleaners also monitor and enhance indoor air quality. Their efforts in removing dust, dirt, and debris improve workspace breathability. Better air quality supports wellness and productivity.

Vacuuming carpet fibers, mopping hard floors, and dusting regularly trap pollutants so they aren’t circulating freely. Service eliminates lingering odors too. This improves how the air smells and feels. Above all, in this way, workers can breathe easily in a fresher environment.

6.     Adds Real Economic Value

Some business leaders undervalue janitorial work, viewing it as an extra expense but deep cleaning adds real economic value. Happier, healthier employees do higher-quality work.

While professional cleaning requires an investment, it returns real dividends. Spotless facilities lead to fewer sick days taken by staff. Employees also feel more positive coming to pristine offices. This fuels better performance and productivity.

7.     Helps Make Better Use of In-House Staff

Having a professional cleaning crew also helps a company make the best use of existing employees. Rather than having in-house staff handle all cleaning, janitorial services take over. This allows current workers to focus on tasks that utilize their unique skills and experience. For example, an administrative assistant could be vacuuming or scrubbing bathrooms. On the other hand, specialization from Janitorial Services NYC allows them to focus on higher-level tasks like calendar management, travel coordination, and event planning instead.

8.     Saves Time and Money Over Hiring More Internal Staff

Some growing companies deal with increased cleaning needs by hiring additional facilities staff. However, Janitorial service offers advantages over expanding in-house custodial teams. Janitorial contractors save clients time and money.

Outside cleaners have all the necessary equipment and use efficient processes honed by experience. This allows them to fully clean large offices faster than new internal hires. And the best part? Professional services only charge for work performed. However, expanding custodial staff incurs continual payroll and benefit costs.

What’s Included in Standard Professional Cleaning Contracts?

Now that we’ve explored the benefits, what specifically is included in contracted janitorial services? While some customization occurs, most contracts include the following standard components:

  • Hard Surface: Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, waxing linoleum floors and tile.
  • Furniture and Space Wiping: Dusting desks, tables, and chairs and emptying trash bins.
  • Bathroom Services: Replenishing disposables like paper towels, disinfecting toilets, cleaning mirrors, and counters.
  • Break Spaces: Wiping kitchen counters, cleaning microwaves, replacing coffee filters.
  • Interior Glass Cleaning: Washing interior partition walls and hallway glass surfaces.
  • Janitorial Closet Organization: Maintaining inventory and accessibility of cleaning supplies.


professional janitorial services offer a clean, healthy workspace while saving time and money. They also contribute to a positive company image by maintaining a hygienic environment for employees and visitors.  At DLL Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on being the top choice for janitorial services in NYC. Our expertise in quality janitorial, deep cleaning, and standard cleaning services ensures exceptional results that consistently exceed expectations.


Are professional janitorial services insured and bonded?

Yes, reputable janitorial services are typically insured and bonded to protect in case of accidents, damages, or liabilities during the cleaning process. This ensures peace of mind for you as the client.

Can professional janitorial services help with waste management and recycling?

Yes, many janitorial services offer waste management solutions. It includes recycling programs and proper disposal of trash, to help your office maintain a clean and environmentally friendly workspace. This contributes to sustainability efforts and reduces environmental impact.
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