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CASPer Test Prep: 5 Official CASPer Sample Questions

Preparation for the CASPer test can be confusing – the test is alien to many students, as it’s a Situational Judgement Test with added elements that may be confusing or a little hard to answer.

However, through diligent use of both the official preparation materials – and CASPer Prep Courses or CASPer tutor – like those offered by leading agencies like BlackStone Tutors – you can ensure that the test goes smoothly.

Here, we will look at five official CASPer sample questions. We have included model answers for the first scenario – you can find sample answers for all of the questions through BlackStone Tutors.

1). You are a manager at a department store. One of your new employees, normally diligent and hardworking, has lost an important set of papers. If you report the papers as missing, they will likely be fired – if you do not report the papers as missing, it could cause great difficulties in future.

How do you approach the situation?

Who do you have responsibility for in this situation?

Describe a time when you were worried about someone’s behaviour at work.

i) I would first speak to the employee to gain a better understanding of the situation. I would need to know where and how they lost the papers – perhaps there is a chance of retrieving them, in which case the situation can be remedied quickly. If it appears impossible to find the papers, I would have to balance the good of the business as a whole against the employee’s job.

My responsibility is to the business, and the team as a whole – therefore I would have to ensure that they were safe, by reporting the papers missing. However, I would first work with the employee to help them prepare a statement, and to find a way in which they remain in the job.

I could perhaps offer them a reference, or offer to speak for them to the senior members of the store’s staff – taking into account the fact that they are normally a diligent worker.
– speak to in private, work towards solution, then up the ranks if needed

ii) I have responsibility for the employee – for their job, and their future – for the other employees, for the business’ prospects, and for myself and those that are reliant on me. I must therefore consider everyone when making a decision, and ensure that I can bring about a solution that provides value to as many as possible.

iii) Whilst working at a local pool, I repeatedly found one of the lifeguards deserting their post, instead choosing to smoke cigarettes in the parking lot, or talk to his friends. I explained to them, politely, that they held a great responsibility at the pool – if anyone got into trouble in the water, then they had to save them – and that therefore choosing to neglect their duties was entirely unacceptable.

They seemingly listened to me, and agreed with me, but I caught them continuing to avoid their duties again a week later. I spoke to them again, and explained that, whilst I did not want to cause them trouble, if I saw this behaviour again I would have to speak to the manager about it, as they didn’t seem to be heeding my advice.

It did happen again, and I chose therefore to speak to the manager, as their behaviour could have been putting lives at risk – and at the least was irresponsible.

2). You are working at a cornershop. One of the new checkout workers repeatedly leaves the area around the checkout messy. Customers have begun to comment on this.

How would you approach this situation?

Whose responsibility is it to keep the store clean?

Have you ever had a colleague who refused to take responsibility for their work?

3). Another passenger on your train is being disruptive. The other passengers in the carriage are very old, and clearly perturbed by the behaviour, but seem unable to say anything.

What would you do in this situation?

What would you do if you were a train guard in this situation?

Describe a time you encountered someone being abusive in public.

4). Your baseball coach chooses their son to be first team captain. Their son is, by all accounts, an excellent player and leader.

Is the coach’s choice an issue?

What would make the coach’s choice an issue?

Describe a time that you experienced a conflict of interest at high school, college or work.

5). Two of your work colleagues have recently begun dating. However, their arguments, stemming from their dating, have begun to spill over into the work. You are their manager.

How do you approach this situation?

Is it wrong to date a work colleague?

Describe a situation where a friendship or relationship affected your work.

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