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Contexto – Strategy, Hints, and Help for the Game

Word game enthusiasts started looking for the next great thing. The aim is to kill time and challenge their brains after Wordle went viral in 2022. Within months of its release, Contexto had become the preferred word game of 34% of American word game enthusiasts, and by year’s end, 80% of them had played it.

Guidelines for Contexto

In the unusual word game Contexto, participants attempt to identify the solution word with the fewest guesses and tips. Nevertheless, a system that has examined a vast corpus of textual data ranks each guess based on how close it is to the answer word.

1. When you start a Contexto game, you’ll see the game’s number, a counter showing how many guesses you’ve made, and a box where you can enter your guesses.

2. Type your first guess into the box and press the submit button. You will have to play a different word in place of the guess if a term is not included in the Contexto dictionary.

3. Following each guess, Contexto will provide you with the word’s rating about the target word’s similarity. Players should utilize this knowledge to gradually reduce the value of their guesses until they arrive at the solution.

4. The range of numbers from 1 to 300 is fairly accurate (green), the range from 301 to 1,500 is less accurate (yellow), and the range from 1,500 to 1,500 is extremely inaccurate (red).

5. After you submit each word, keep entering predictions depending on the information at your disposal. Try asking for a tip from the menu navigation above the game if you run into trouble when trying to find terms that are closer to the solution. Owing to the intense difficulty of the game, players are free to request as many tips as necessary.

6. When you finally find the solution word, the game will conclude and you’ll see a summary screen with some statistics. This screen will display the puzzle number that you have attempted, the number of suggestions you have utilized, the number of correct guesses you have made, and whether you succeeded or failed (if you select the “give up” option).

Summary screen displaying the outcomes

Contexto gives players an infinite amount of time to solve each puzzle and permits them to make as many guesses as necessary to discover the answer, in contrast to many word games that have a cap on the number of guesses they can make. However, your final score will be based on how many guesses you make, so if at all possible, try to keep them low!

Best Contexto estimations

Use phrases that cover a wide range of concepts and situations to help you make the best guess possible in Contexto. Generally speaking, one of the four terms listed below is a smart place to start:

Idea Person Place Thing

After you play each of these terms, take note of the score that appears each time. Rather than playing another of the listed phrases, it will probably be a good idea to delve deeper into the more specialized words that it is related to if one of the words turns green (between 1 and 300).

Contextual assistance

You might be wondering how to improve at Contexto once you’ve grasped the rules. WordsRated has outlined the key tactics you must employ to cut down on the number of rounds you take to solve the perplexing problem.

Start strong

You will need to develop a strong word combination. It is helpful to help you identify some closely related words. Yep! Especially when you first start a game of Contexto. Once you’ve identified your first green term, try a little experimenting before looking up possible synonyms.

Related words

Use a thesaurus to look up synonyms or related ideas if you’ve already found a few green words and want to focus your search even more. Never forget that understanding the context and meaning of the words you enter is essential to winning at Contexto.

Words at random

Occasionally, it might also be beneficial to add a few impromptu words to add some variation and serve as a source of inspiration. When you’ve made several consecutive predictions based on association and still haven’t been able to outperform your best effort, this can be quite helpful.

Play common or abstract nouns

A large number of Contexto’s answers fit into the common or abstract noun categories, making them simpler to find. With this in mind, avoid wasting your guesses on proper names like Pepsi, Shakespeare, or Tokyo.

Adopt a comprehensive strategy

Before deciding on the next word to play, review all of the words you have already guessed and their word scores. You’ll be able to develop associations from these and gain a better understanding of the kinds of terms that have worked better if you do this.

Request a hint

It never hurts to ask for a suggestion when you’re really stuck and could use some assistance. Through the menu icon above the game, players can get hints and request as many as necessary. To keep the game interesting, we advise asking for no more than three tips for every puzzle. However, the choice is entirely yours. (read more LOS ANGLES NEWS)

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