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Daylight Song Movie/Album “Daylight”.Biography

The well-known song “Daylight” is taken from the 2019 film and album of the same name.It was composed and performed by musician David Kushner.The lyrics of the same name.It was composed,and performed by musician David Kushner.The lyrics of the song express themes of optimism,fortitude,and the necessity of addressing one’s anxieties in order to overcome challenges and discover inner strength.The song has struck a chord with listeners all across the world because to its endearing melody and meaningful lyrics.

David Kushner is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Los Angeles, California,on May 12,1985.Kushner had a lifelong passion for music and picked up the guitar at the age of twelve.He demonstrated an inherent skill and a passion for making music, rapidly becoming an expert on the instrument.

When Kushner was a teenager,he created his first band with some pals from high school,which is how his musical journey began.They developed a modest but devoted following by playing local small-scale shows.Kushner’s desire to pursue a career in the music industry was sparked by this early experience performing live.It also gave him a taste of performance.

Kushner decided to further his education in music theory and composition by enrolling in a local college’s music programme after high school.In this period,he experimented with several genres and instruments,broadening his musical horizons.Kushner studied the piano,drums,and bass guitar.

Kushner’s first solo album, “Rainbow Road,” was well received by critics when it was released in 2008. His ability to write songs and his range of musical styles were demonstrated in the album,which had both reflective ballads and snappy pop songs.The poignant and reflective song “Daylight” was the album’s highlight.


“Daylight” lasts for three minutes and thirty-two seconds.The tune was programmed and produced by Rob Kirwan.Rick Hornby plays guitar,Hubers plays piano,and he plays drums and synthesizer. It was mastered and mixed by Jacob Morris.

The haunting symphonic gothic pop ballad “Daylight”has deep baritone vocals by Kushner.George Griffiths of the Official Charts Company said the song’s message “helps it transcend to a wider audience,with the specifics of the song somewhat unclear”and that it was evocative of Bon liver and Hozier’s work. “Daylight”relies on that lovely melody,and his word play reveals a nuanced side to his personality,”said Clash’s Robin Murray.Kushner’s expressive voice brooding with emotions,the song uses emotional depth by playing with light and shade.”

The writers of “Daylight” are Josh Bruce Williams,David Kushner,Hayden Hubers,and Jeremy 

Fedryk.The song’s chord progression begins with F,Dm,Am,F,Dm,C,F,Dm,C, and the lines “Telling myself I won’t go there.“The song was initially published in the key of C Major.Yes,but I’m sure I won’t give a damn.Attempting to cleanse all the blood l’ve spilled. “The tune is paced like a ballad on the piano.

Commercial performance

At number 33 on the US Billboard Hot 100, “Daylight” reached its peak. The song was certified Gold by Music Canada and made its debut at number six on the Canadian Hot 100.It became Kushner’s first top-10 hit when it debuted at number three on the UK Singles Chart.The following week,it peaked at number two.The British Phonographic Industry certified “Daylight”Platinum when it peaked at number four on the charts.

“Daylight”achieved a gold certification from Recorded Music NZ and peaked at number one in New Zealand.At number one in Latvia,number 24 in the Netherlands,number 25 in Poland,number 26 and Switzerland,number two in Austria,number 28 in Belgium, number 29 in the Czech Republic,number 30 in ireland,number 31 in Lithuania,number 32 and Norway,number 33 in Lebanon and Slovakia,number 34 in Slovakia and number four in Germany,the song peaked at number five on national record charts In Poland,it was certified 3 x Platinum. 

Music video

It was released with a music video for “Daylight” that was directed by Luke Shaw and Landon Juern and featured the elements fire,water, air,and ash.

Kushner is seen cutting wood in the forest in the beginning of the film. Next,he is shown strolling down a church aisle with a boy,whose face is blurry along with the faces of other persons seated in the seats.Kushner gets to the altar and takes out a knife.Next Kushner is shown outside,

extending its hand towards a massive, ink drop-shaped void in the sky. Subsequently, he is hauled into a pitch-black chamber where masked individuals hurl stones at him. Kushner is seen in a room with rain falling inside in a quick image. At the very end, he is seen shaking hands with a man who is on fire, lighting both his arm and the room on fire. Kushner is shown singing to the camera in the church, the woodland, and the dark chamber as sequences are spliced between them throughout the film.

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