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DIY Guide: How to Frame and Display Vintage Music Posters

Vintage posters have the ability to evoke all sorts of emotions and memories within people of all ages. In this detailed blog, we will delve into the ways you can frame and showcase your vintage music posters, revealing the aspects to keep the aesthetics of your room alive. Vintage posters are more than pieces of paper; they reflect a historical moment captured in time. In order to keep that specific memory alive and celebrate the individual, people decorate their walls with posters. Do you want to know how they display them aesthetically? If so, let’s get started!

Reasons for Framing Vintage Posters


Vintage poster frames are stories to be remembered and celebrated in a nutshell. The frames can be made of metal or wood, both materials combine class and preservation to improve the art piece’s importance.

Since posters can be delicate, you need to be careful with preserving them. Framing helps vintage posters as they are akin to a shield of sorts against components such as dust and light, which can deteriorate them sooner than you think. Hence, you need to handle these delicate things with good care. A carefully chosen frame is a safeguard, ensuring that your vintage poster survives through time.


Choosing the Correct Frame


To showcase your vintage poster within the best light, it is integral to choose the right frame that handles both authenticity, aesthetics, and preservation. Below are some of the factors that you need to consider:


Choosing the proper material for framing is quite an integral aspect. Wood frames add a classic touch, metal frames, on the other hand, offer a smooth and modern day perception, whereas acrylic posters are another contemporary option and are lightweight on top of it! You need to give some thought about not just the style of the poster, for framing, but the era in which it was designed too.


When choosing a frame, take under consideration the poster’s design. A frame with geometrical patterns would go perfectly if the poster belongs from the Art Deco period. A striking and colorful frame will be perfect for a poster from the 1960s concerts. Therefore, take note of the time period of the poster when considering frames for it.

Ready-Made vs Customized Frames

One of the main differences between ready-made and customized frames is that the former can be customized according to your needs and rightly fit your poster, while the latter only comes in specific sizes and shapes, but are more convenient to acquire. If you ask me, I would go for the customized one because that way it would fit the poster perfectly.


Steps to Frame Vintage Posters


You will find the steps and instructions to frame your vintage poster below:


To begin with, bring together all the supplies and material you require to frame your poster.  These may include a pencil, ruler, tape, backing board, mat board, and of course your frame and poster. Follow the instructions below:


  1. Start by keeping the mat board on a flat surface.
  2. Position the poster on the mat, making sure it’s in the middle.
  3. Protect your poster by utilizing acid-free tape, anticipating harm over time.
  4. Keep the backing board over the poster, securing it with tape to the mat for stability.
  5. Get the assembly into the frame carefully.
  6. Prevent insects and dust from destroying your poster by sealing the back of the frame.


And voila! You are done.



To conclude, make sure you follow each step mentioned above carefully because every aspect contributes to preserving your vintage poster, adding aesthetics to your space. Make sure you get the right frame for your poster and follow the instructions mentioned. That way you will be able to preserve memories.

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