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Do You Have This Diabetes Superfood in Your Diet?

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a condition where the body cannot regulate blood sugar levels, leading to a range of health complications. For individuals with diabetes, it is crucial to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to manage their condition.

Modern lifestyle has led to a major shift in our everyday regular diet – from fresh home-cooked food and seasonal fruits to packaged, instant, ready-to-eat food. It has led to a surge in lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes, which has raised a lot of concern. The rate at which diabetes is increasing with each passing year is a cause of worry and all measures should be taken to contain it. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas produces insufficient insulin to regulate blood sugar. As a result, blood sugar cannot enter the cells for storage, which leads to an abnormal spike in its level in the body. Of course, a high-sugar diet is largely responsible for this situation, but it is not the only culprit, not by a long shot. Many factors play a role in causing it. A few lifestyle changes, eating nutritious home-cooked meals and regular exercise are simple steps that can be taken to begin our fight against diabetes. There are several fruits and vegetables that should be included in our diet to combat diabetes or help alleviate the symptoms.

One food item that is gaining popularity among diabetes patients is ghee. Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is a staple in Indian cuisine and is a rich source of healthy fats. If you have diabetes, you need to take care of food and food combinations so that it does not spike your blood glucose level. With a lot of remedies to manage diabetes one such remedy is ghee. While there is some debate on whether ghee is good for diabetes patients, evidence suggests that it can be beneficial.

Is Ghee Advisable for Diabetic People?

You are always advised to eat healthy foods alone when you have a diabetic condition. Monitoring sugar levels, taking proper medication, Ayurvedic health supplements are advised by doctors. However, diet is, without a doubt, the most important thing.

Certain foods, oils, and fats are to be avoided under high blood sugar conditions. Ghee, although a fat-containing food, has been widely used, especially throughout India. It is considered to be an essential ingredient in regular foods in homes and it is no doubt that we eat plenty of it. The major content in ghee is fats. But they are actually harmless and they can help in improving your body’s metabolism. Pure butter, extracted from cow milk, is what the nutritionists advice as a remedy for diabetes.

According to various nutritionists, “Ghee is a medication for people with diabetes”. Ghee contains fatty acids that aid in stabilizing and metabolizing high blood glucose levels. Furthermore, if ghee is included in rice, it becomes simple for people with diabetes to digest glucose from rice efficiently.

Benefits of Ghee for a Diabetic Person

  1. The linoleic acids in ghee are good for the heart. They help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases that are said to be some of the complications in diabetics.
  2. Ghee helps smoothen the digestive tract and ensures a healthy gut. It helps relieve constipation and keeps your body healthy.
  3. With ghee, food with a high glycemic index is also easily broken down inside your system with zero risk factors.
  4. The presence of vitamins A, B and K along with other compounds in ghee help boost immunity, which is generally weakened in diabetics.
  5. Ghee has a high amount of good fat, which is considered healthy. It is known to help absorb nutrients from the food you consume.

So, being a diabetic, you do not need to shun away from consuming ghee. Rather, you can prepare your diabetic friendly recipes using ghee and relish them.

How to Use Ghee for Diabetes?

Always ensure adding not more than a teaspoon of ghee to dal, khichdi and rice or any other high carbohydrate food to ensure easy digestion of the same. Bring ghee into use instead of other cooking oils so as to reap maximum benefits. Make sure you do not consume ghee in excess as it may only reverse the benefits. Also, do consult a doctor before including it in your diet.

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