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Guide Yourself To Embed Facebook Feed On Squarespace Website

Squarespace is a great space for individuals and businesses who want to design a compelling website. As of April 2023, this popular website-building platform has 4.2 million unique subscriptions as per the reports of Colorlib. Because of its code-free solution, entrepreneurs find it easy to use Facebook feed on Squarespace to design a fully functional website for their business. 

But is having a website enough for the growth and good online presence of your brand? Of course not, just a website will not impress your visitors. To make your website engaging to your vast potential customers you need to add some engaging factor to it like Facebook feeds. 


It is known to everyone that Facebook is a popular social media platform. This is used by millions of users today for sharing captivating posts, videos, and images with the world. This platform has become a great marketplace for the business as well. You can find many businesses are choosing to embed Facebook feed on Squarespace. This tactic is helping many businesses to reach new heights.

However, if you are one of those who don’t know the embedding process then you are at the right place. This article will give you a full step-by-step guide on the embedding method by Tagembed. 

A Full Step-Step Guide For Embedding Facebook Feeds On Squarespace Using Tagembed

Before jumping directly to the guide, first, let’s have a look at the basics of the tool Tagembed. Tagembed is one of the most powerful aggregator tools that can seamlessly collect, curate, and embed content from more than 20+ prominent social media platforms which also include Facebook. Its user-friendly interface has made it the best choice for numerous organizations and businesses. 

Tagembed comes with excellent customization features that help users to design attractive facebook feed widget. These widgets can be seamlessly integrated into the website to make it engaging for visitors. The best feature it offers to its users is the moderation filter which helps to filter out the contents that users don’t think is perfect to be shown on the website. 

Now that you have the basic knowledge about the tool Tagembed let’s walk you through its embedding process. 

Step 1- Create your free account on Tagembed

  • If you are a new user then create your account on Tagembed for free. The existing users have to sign in to start.
  • You will be redirected to the dashboard right after logging in.
  • In this step, the new users will find an exciting widget and they have to click on the “open” button to get started.
  • The existing user has to click on the “create widget” button to create a new widget and has to give it a unique name to get started. 
  • Next, a pop-up will appear on your screen “Pick a source” where you have the select “Facebook” as your preferred source from different options.
  • You will be given different connection options like page, my profile posts, albums, page reviews, and page mentions. Depending upon the content you want to fetch from Facebook select one option.
  • Logging in to the Facebook account you will be able to collect the Facebook feeds into a widget just in a minute. 

Step 2- Generate the embed code

  • If you are done with collecting the Facebook feeds in a single widget, next click on the “Embed widget” button on the bottom left corner of the editor.
  • A pop-up of different CMS platforms will appear on your screen and you have to select Squarespace as your preferred platform. 
  • You have the option of adjusting the height and width of the widget then for copying the embedded code select the “copy code” button. 
  • In the next step, you have to log in to the Squarespace account. Now paste the copied code into the editor, and click on the apply. 
  • After saving the changes you are all done. 

Your Facebook feeds are successfully embedded in the Squarespace website

The process will literally take you just a minute to complete and boom all your interactive Facebook feeds are on Squarespace. 

Tagembed will let you design your widget with its numerous advanced features. It offers users multiple themes, layouts, font sizes, font colors, background styles, and many more as per your preference. You can adjust the card style and author style as well. To create a great widget for your website you must try the Tagembed tool for free. 

The Ending Note

Whether you have a large enterprise or small business when you embed Facebook feed on your Squarespace website it will greatly benefit you. Not only does this strategy change the whole look of your website. But that will also help you attract a large number of visitors to your website. Your visitors have the power to boost your business, bring good conversions, website traffic, and many more. 

This article has guided you to follow the easiest steps of the Tagembed tool. Create an outstanding Facebook feed widget and its seamless integration into the Squarespace website. Follow the steps to make your embedding process and the growth process of your business smooth.

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