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Emerging Technologies in Vehicle Anti-Theft Solutions

A device that stops unauthorized vehicle access is a car anti-theft system. The advancement has led to the creation of anti-theft techniques. Anti-theft equipment makes cars more secure and might result in lower auto insurance rates. Additionally, it incorporates sophisticated security components including tracking for stolen vehicles, microprocessors with digital signal processing, ultrasonic sensors, rechargeable batteries, and a closed toolchain for setup and simulation.

According to MRFR analysis, the global Vehicle Anti-Theft Market is expected to register a CAGR of ~7.12% from 2022 to 2030 and hold a value of over USD 18.89 billion by 2030.

Regional Analysis

The market is dominated by the Asia-Pacific region. This is a result of the rapidly expanding urban population in the area, which has led to a rise in car sales and burgeoning auto manufacturing year after year. Future market dominance will remain in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific has the largest market share, followed by North America, then Europe. The sector in North America is growing because of the local presence of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Fiat-Chrysler Automotive. This has boosted the vehicle anti-theft market share together with a sizable customer base and high purchasing power among end users.

Market Segmentation                                                                   

The Global Vehicle Anti-Theft Market has been segmented into Vehicle Type, Product Type, and Technology

Based on the Vehicle Type, the market has been segmented into Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, and Others.

Based on the Product Type, the market has been segmented into Immobilizers, Alarms, Steering Lock, Central Locking Systems, Biometric Capture Devices, and Remote Keyless Entry.

Based on the Technology, the market has been segmented into Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Real-Time Location System (RTLS), Face Detection System, Remote Frequency Identification Device (RFID), Automotive Biometric Technology.

Key Players

Some of the key market players are Continental, Robert Bosch, Tokai Rika Ltd, Lear Corporation, Johnson Electric, Delphi Automotive LLP, ZF-TRW, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and VOXX International Corp.

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