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Explorer the amazing speed of the victony ac1200 wifi extender setup?


Enjoy the amazing speed of the Victony ac1200  WiFi extender setup and enjoy continuous use unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In little time at all, you can boost your WiFi coverage with simple setup directions. Enjoy quicker, stable internet throughout the house or place for work by say by dead zone.

 Victony ac1200 setup instruction guide

  • After the power LED on the Victony AC1200 solidifies.
  •  place it in a power outlet near your router.
  • Make a WiFi connection with your PC or phone with the Victony_EXT network.
  • In the address package of an open web browser.
  •  Type “http://ap.setup” and press Enter.
  • To set up the extender take the current WiFi network and enter the password pursuant to the on-screen instructions.
  • The extender will restart and automatically create the link to your WiFi network after setup is done.
  • Verify that the extender is within range of your router and move it to a place where you need better WiFi coverage.

Useful feature of victony ac1200 setup

  1. The Victony AC1200 WiFi extender setup Smart Signal Indicator is a useful feature
  2. That aids in finding the ideal position for best WiFi coverage.
  3. To find the strongest signal, 
  4. just move the extender to various positions and use the warning lights.

Victony ac1200 wifi setup via manually method

  1. A power source close to the present WiFi network is where you should connect the Victony WiFi Extender.
  2. Await the stability of the power hint.
  3. Navigate to the Victony_ext network in the WiFi settings on your PC or mobile device.
  4. In the address bar of an open web browser enter the extender’s default IP address. typically
  5. but if you’re not sure, check your user manual to locate the precise IP address.
  6. When inquired, enter the login information. 
  7. Usually, the user handbook provides the default username and password. Use new credentials if you had previously changed these.
  8. After logging in, a setup wizard or settings page is likely to display.
  9. To choose your personal WiFi network from the list and input the WiFi password, according to the on-screen ins

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Guides for installing the victony ac1200 wifi setup via wps method

  • Put your WiFi extender into a power outlet near the WiFi router you already have. Check that the extender is turned on 
  • then give it some time to start.Locate the WiFi extender’s WPS button.
  • This button’s label can vary depending on the sort of extender.
  • If not sure, go to the user manual of your extender.
  • Wait a few seconds to hold onto the extender’s WPS button.
  • The extender’s WPS LED hint ought to stop blinking.
  • Within a few minutes of reaching the WPS button on the extension
  • find the WPS button on your WiFi router. On your router
  • click the WPS button for at least two minutes.

How do i login method for victony ac1200 wifi setup

  • Link your device with the WiFi network of your extender.
  • Launch a web browser.
  • Enter the extender’s IP address (e.g., in the browser’s address bar.
  • Link your device to the WiFi network via the extender.
  • Once logged in, tweak settings as needed.

Update the guide for victony ac1200 wifi extender firmware?

  • Find your extender’s current firmware version in the settings.
  • Visit Victony’s official website, download the latest firmware for your model.
  • Check that the extender  and your device are connected.
  • Open a web browser, enter the extender’s IP address (e.g.,
  • Enter login credentials (default in the manual).
  • Locate the “Firmware Update” section in the interface.
  • Browse and select the downloaded firmware file.
  • Start updating and wait for it to complete; the extender may then restart..
  • Log in again to confirm the updated firmware version.

How to reset victony ac1200 wifi extender?

  1. On the extender, find the reset button. Usually, it’s a tiny hole and the word.
  2. Put a pin or paperclip into the reset hole.
  3. Hold up the reset button for about ten seconds.
  4. When the lights on the extender begin to flash
  5. or as directed by the user guides, release the reset button.
  6. Set the extender to restart. 
  7. It could require one or two minutes.
  8. You’ll need to change your extender after the reset 
  9. using the first instructions for setup found in the manual. 
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