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Fashion Designer Turned Author Carolyn Doyle’s Books Are Worth Your Time

It’s no secret that most authors often have a day job because writing isn’t a lucrative profession. While the world does have some extremely famous and wealthy authors like J.K. Rowling and Stephen King, those are the exceptions to the norm. Most writers struggle to make a living from their works and support themselves with other jobs.

However, for Carolyn Doyle, the situation was very different. She’s a fashion designer who left her career behind to pursue her literary passion. Her main career was as a fashion designer in the NY fashion industry. She specialized in designing coats and outerwear and expanded to contemporary sportswear, men’s and children’s. For much of her career, she had her own company with her own label, Carolyn Doyle, selling to all the major department stores in NY and around the country, as well as to boutiques and better specialty stores.

Her career as a fashion designer brought her acclaim. She states, “I was written up in many magazines and WWD over the years. And did personal appearances at stores to promote my designs. In 1982, I was photographed in Mademoiselle Magazine with a group of designers (some very famous today) as one of the up-and-coming designers in the industry. My garments were sold to places like Saks Fifth Avenue, and I even had windows on Fifth Avenue! I had my own department in Bloomingdale and did fashion shows with other designers for my own company and stores.”

However, she eventually ventured into writing after her son was born, and she moved out of NYC to Rockland County. The writing bug bit her, prompting her to receive a screenwriting certificate from NYU and attend creative writing classes at the New School.

Eventually, the designer-turned-author released her debut novel, Fifteen, to critical acclaim. The book also became a finalist at the 2015 Indie Awards. The premise revolves around a young mother, Maria, who lives in an Italian-American household with her grumpy husband, Luigi, who is fifteen years older than her. She searches for a way out of her stale life while her daughter, Angelina, a typical teen, struggles to find her identity in the Bronx’s turbulent area in 1967. The mother and daughter are also often mistaken for sisters, causing problems, particularly when Pasquale, a sultry Italian Stallion, enters the picture. Since then, Carolyn has continued to demonstrate her literary prowess.

Dance to Fashion, the second book in Carolyn’s Garment Center Series, was just launched. A few of the characters from the debut novel are carried forward into this novel set in 1974. It is about a young mother who breaks away from an abusive husband and moves to New York City to chase her dreams of a career in fashion. The character, Zoe, struggles to survive and turns to exotic dancing to support herself and her young daughter. Carolyn is currently at work on the third novel in the series, Perilous Ambition, and has lofty ambitions of following it up with a fourth book called The Melisa Ordeal.

Carolyn Doyle doesn’t have a particular favorite author. Instead, she’s drawn to stories similar to her writing style. She’s a strong advocate of women’s representation in literature and tends to write about women who face challenges in their lives, highlighting how they address the issues they face and how others make an impact on these women’s lives. Consider checking out her books today if you’re looking for gripping stories with exceptional character development.

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