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Few sure ways to sell things online

Even the powerful of this world do not shy away from buying second-hand items: However, online trading does not always go smoothly – someone easily gets rid of everything unnecessary, and for others, the product waits for a new owner for months. So what’s the secret?

Unnecessary things that are best sold on the Internet

Electronics, video games, and computer products. The game consoles that you have cooled to, unnecessary, but perfectly functioning phones, discs with video games, and digital players – this is an incomplete list of what will surely find used furniture buyers in Dubai.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories. A dress, only worn once, shoes that were so beautiful in the store, but the socks turned out to be uncomfortable in the process, and something that just didn’t fit. All these things can be sold and thereby partially compensate for your financial losses.

Toys and goods for children. Probably the most popular type of ads. The reasons are very simple: children grow so fast, and young mothers buy so much that most things remain in perfect condition (they did not even have time to use them). Feel free to sell them.

Furniture and large household appliances. Have you decided to update the interior or perhaps buy a new refrigerator? Everything unnecessary can be sold: maybe someone is looking for furniture for a rented apartment or country house and will be happy to buy yours.

Items for collection. Old books, newspapers, records – what do people not collect? Maybe the porcelain figurines gathering dust in your attic will become a real treasure for someone? In any case, you can try to turn antiques into money.

Services and handmade. Do you bake cakes, embroider, or make flowers? Free classified sites will help you sell all your creations.

How to sell things?

1. Determine the optimal price

Probably, the correct assessment of the value of the product is the most important stage of the sale. Because it is by price that buyers will filter ads and compare your product with similar products from other sellers. And no matter how you describe the merits of your product, no matter how good photos you take, potential customers will first of all look at the price.

Because of:

Estimate demand. If there are a lot of similar products, then your business is bad. It is unlikely that it will be possible to sell at a higher price, so you will have to look for a middle ground or dump in general (which you will not do for the sake of sales).

Do not set the price higher than 50-60% of the market price. It is unlikely that anyone will want to buy a used (albeit for a short time) thing at the price of a new one.

Conduct an investigation. See what prices your competitors are charging. It is better to conduct reconnaissance on those portals where you are going to sell. Determine the optimal price for yourself, but for a second put yourself in the place of the buyer. Think about whether or not you would be able to pay the specified amount for this item yourself, and if in doubt, feel free to lower the price. In this way, you can easily sell furniture to Used Furniture Dubai.

2. Take good photos

The correct presentation of the product helps to avoid unnecessary inquiries and gives a complete picture of its characteristics. In a stream of similar ads, it is a high-quality and bright photo that will attract the attention of a potential buyer. Take photos from different angles: if it’s clothes, capture tags and price tags, if you’re selling used furniture and appliances, take photos of the warranty card or instructions. Be honest, and do not hide the defects of the product, this approach saves the time that you will have to spend on explanations with the buyer.


Look at how a similar product is presented in stores or advertising, and feel free to follow a good example. Due to the lack of high-quality photos, you can use images from the manufacturer’s website – usually, by the way, they arouse the most interest.

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