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Great Kourend: The Enigmatic City of Old School RuneScape

Great Kourend is one of the most fascinating locations in the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) universe. This sprawling city is situated in the center of the Kingdom of Kourend, which is home to a diverse array of cultures, religions, and factions. In this article, we’ll explore the unique features and attractions of Great Kourend, and delve into its rich history and lore.

Origins and History of Great Kourend

According to the in-game lore, Great Kourend was founded by the Kourend dynasty over a thousand years ago. The city served as the capital of the kingdom, which was once a prosperous and powerful empire. However, as the centuries passed, the kingdom fell into decline and was eventually consumed by civil war and unrest. Today, Great Kourend is a shadow of its former glory, but it remains a vibrant and bustling hub of activity.

Architecture and Layout of Great Kourend

One of the most striking aspects of Great Kourend is its architecture, which is heavily influenced by medieval and Renaissance styles. The city is divided into five distinct districts, each with its own distinct character and purpose. The districts are: Arceuus, Hosidius, Lovakengj, Shayzien, and the Piscarilius. Each district has its own unique landmarks, buildings, and NPCs (non-player characters) that reflect the culture and history of the area.

Attractions and Features of Great Kourend

Great Kourend is packed with interesting and useful features for OSRS players. Here are some of the highlights:

The Grand Library of Arceuus: This massive library is home to thousands of books, tomes, and scrolls, many of which contain powerful spells and ancient knowledge. Players can earn favor with the Arceuus House by helping to recover lost texts and manuscripts, and they can also train their magic skills by using the library’s facilities.

Tithe Farm: Located in the Hosidius district, this farm is a popular training spot for players who want to level up their farming skills. Players can earn Hosidius favor by helping to tend the crops, and they can also purchase farming supplies and equipment from the farmers.

Blast Mine: The Lovakengj district is home to the Blast Mine, a dangerous but lucrative mining operation. Players can earn Lovakengj favor by helping to excavate the mine, and they can also obtain ores and minerals that are used for crafting and smithing.

Shayzien Encampment: This military base is located in the Shayzien district and is home to the Shayzien soldiers, who are responsible for defending Great Kourend from external threats. Players can earn Shayzien favor by completing combat missions and training exercises, and they can also purchase military gear and weapons from the quartermaster.

Piscarilius Docks: This bustling port is located in the Piscarilius district and is a hub of trade and commerce. Players can earn osrs Piscarilius favour by helping to unload cargo and catch fish, and they can also purchase unique items and gear from the traders.


Great Kourend is a fascinating and complex city that offers players a wide range of activities and challenges. Whether you’re interested in training your skills, exploring the lore and history of the city, or just enjoying the sights and sounds of this unique location, Great Kourend is a must-visit destination in Old School RuneScape. With its rich architecture, diverse cultures, and captivating attractions, it’s no wonder that Great Kourend has become one of the most beloved and iconic locations in the game.

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