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How can cameras on roads ensure safety?

The use of high-definition and ultra-high-definition cameras and Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help in checking traffic violations

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Seventy-eight percent of the road fatalities are due to over-speeding. Wrong-side driving is another major cause of road fatalities. Cameras on roads can ensure better compliance with traffic rules among vehicles. NEC India has devised AI analytics solutions like red light violation detection and automated number plate recognition to reduce violations.

A large number of violations go undetected on the roads, which increases the rate of violation. Over-speeding is one of the most common traffic violations. Others include drunken driving, using a mobile phone while driving, and lane rule violations. All these can be identified with the help of cameras, and electronic challans can be issued to the drivers.

The AI analytics software has been introduced in cities like Surat and Saharanpur. Since AI is used in these solutions, there is little possibility of any error. The system can increase the rate of compliance among the drivers.

As part of the system, IP-based cameras that can detect the movements of the vehicles in real time are installed at the traffic junctions. Real-time monitoring of the roads can help the authorities make data-driven decisions for traffic management.

A central location called an integrated command and control center can be used to monitor the traffic situation. These cameras can provide live feeds from more than one strategic location simultaneously. Remote monitoring will reduce the dependence on traffic personnel.

Intelligent traffic management system uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology for surveillance. Ultra high-definition and high-definition cameras provide clear images of the traffic junctions. Since these cameras use optical fiber, they can provide real-time data about the traffic status.

The traffic lights can be synchronized based on the queues at a traffic junction. Decisions like diverting the traffic can be taken at the right time to avoid traffic congestion.


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