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Magic Wand Rechargeable: Everything You Need to Know

80% of women in 2022 lied and said they had an orgasmic experience while sexually active. We understand how annoying this might be if you’ve experienced it before. This Magic Wand Rechargeable review is here to help, so set down your drink of wine and pay attention. 

The Magic Wand HV-270 is the apex of orgasmic toys. This article will explain the Magic Wand Rechargeable and why you should buy it. 

A magic wand massager—what is it? 

Clitoral stimulation causes orgasms in 70% of women, reports Sexual Alpha. This is the purpose of this magic wand. Without a companion? Sure thing! You can still achieve that large “O” milestone on your own. 

Who would have thought that the Magic Wand, manufactured by Hitachi in 1968, would have many more uses than just a “neck and back massager”? 

Renowned sex educator Betty Dodson promoted the Magic Wand as a remedy for anorgasmia. That is how the Magic Wand Rechargeable came to be. The original Magic Wand became famous for making orgasms simple for ladies.

Demand for handheld massagers has increased since then. There is a wide variety, including compact to powerful, curved to straight, and cordless to plug in. 

A Rechargeable Magic Wand: What Makes It Special? 

We took the best parts of the Original and updated them for the present era to create the Rechargeable Wand. Every aspect was meticulously planned to ensure it remained the top sex toy. 

Power Play

The original Magic Wand Rechargeable had two-speed levels, which was a drawback. It wasn’t a beginner-friendly situation because both of these were powerful. The four-speed design of the rechargeable Magic Wand handles this issue flawlessly, going from WOW to OMG! Alternatively expressed as 2700 to 6300 revolutions per minute. 

The Magic Wand’s dual motor produces rumblier and deeper-pulsating vibes than its competitors, even though many of them are powerful massagers in their own right. 

The deep rumbles, combined with the lower intensity and continuous vibrations, generate effortless orgasms at lower speeds, making them excellent for wand newbies. Adjust the wand’s settings to your liking as you get experience using it. We appreciate the Original’s potency and don’t want to belittle it. It’s great to have options! 

Easy of Use

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is as simple to use as any other Magic Wand. To start the enchantment, place the head on the vulva, labium, and clit; this will cause intense vibrations that will tingle and swell the delicate tissues and nerve endings. You can customize the vibration pattern of your wand in addition to the speed options mentioned earlier. 

There are twice as many vibration patterns on these wands. Finding the correct pulse by cycling over the patterns is a pain, to be honest. Having 8-12 settings is nice, but it’s unnecessary. There is no better compromise between ease of use and enjoyment than the Magic Wand Rechargeable. 

Is Size Important? 

Size is critical when selecting a wand vibrator. Also, length is one of many considerations (though it is for some). The region of vibrations you feel is directly proportional to the size of the wand’s head. 

The 2.4-inch (6-centimeter) diameter of the Magic Wand’s head allows it to stimulate multiple pleasure centres simultaneously. The bigger head size provides deeper pulses than smaller choices, delivering an all-encompassing pleasure sensation, but only for experienced wand users who can withstand significant strength. 

The large surface area of the wand head makes it easy to explore and discover your ideal pulse, so novices should start on lower power levels and work their way up. 

Magic Wand Weight 

The Original Magic Wand Rechargeable was heavier than its rechargeable counterparts. Although it’s 3 ounces less than the Original, the Rechargeable weighs 21—5 ounces more than the Plus. 

It is well-made and has a luxurious feel in the hand, although it might be a little uncomfortable for the wrist and arm after a while of use. The Mini’s 9.7 oz frame is more comfortable for those who like something less “heavy-duty,” though it’s still not bad. 

Minimal Upkeep 

Maintaining clean toys is vital for sexual wellness. 

The Rechargeable Magic Wand’s construction from nonporous materials is an enormous plus. 

Unlike the Original, the medical-grade silicone head makes proper cleaning much easier. You must do this every time you wield the Magic Wand. 


The Magic Wand Rechargeable is the best wand massager. No toy provides rapid enjoyment like this. Using the wand has many other positive effects on mental and physical health. For both novices and experts, the Magic Wand is an essential sex toy because of its user-friendliness, potent performance, and great feel.

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