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New MP5 Stocks (A3 Stocks) Are Available for Preorder Now!

Do you have an HK MP5 or an American-made MP5 like Zenith Firearm’s ZF-5?

Is it outfitted with a fixed stock?

You might want to check out Zenith Firearms’ new MP5 stocks – they’re patterned after the MP5A3 and are available for preorder now.

About This MP5 Stock
These new MP5 stocks from Zenith Firearms are built to genuine A3 design specifications and are made with a heavy-duty steel reinforced shoulder pad that is built like a tank, which is saying something considering the design of the stock.

But perhaps the best part is the modularity. Like the original, these MP5 stocks feature a 4-position locking system, which makes them not only useful for storage, but for getting a better fit to your ideal length of pull.

Why Length of Pull Matters Here, Too
Length of pull, you might be wondering – why does that matter with an MP5 or a ZF-5? We’re not shooting clays here.

No, we’re not, but the length of pull (LOP) matters even when you’re shooting a subgun.

If your length of pull is way too short, you need to hunch over the stock. In turn, your head will be unnaturally bent forward, and you’ll have to make a conscious effort to press your cheek down on the comb.

When you do that, chances are your shots will skew high.

The flip side is when length of pull is too long – if the gun is too “big” for you, your head will be unnaturally far back on the stock, which can your cheek to rest too low on the comb (or just too far back).

When that happens, your shots will probably skew low.

So, in a nutshell, LOP matters here too, and you can make an easy fix with a modular stock that can be adjusted to your dimensions.

ZF-5 Owners: Keep Reading to Learn How to Save More
If you currently own a ZF-5 or ZF-5S, or you are part of the Hero Program, you can save 10% off one of these new MP5 stocks.

You’ll need a special code, for which you’ll either need your full serial number (for ZF-5 and ZF-5S owners) or your Hero Program credentials.

For more information on how to save 10% on this MP5A3 patterned stock, visit the previous link.

Where You Can Learn More (and Order)
Last but not least, one of the best things about this MP5 stock is that it is not just an MP5 stock. It is compatible with the ZF-5, MP5, MP5SD, and other full-size MP5 platforms.

To learn more about the specifications, visit or contact them at

If you’ve never visited Zenith Firearms before, and you have an HK MP5, make sure you check out their website today. They don’t just carry stocks. They carry parts and accessories for MP5 platforms (and variants) such as muzzle devices, triggers, magazines, barrels, firing pins, and other components.

For a full listing of their MP5 parts and accessories, visit the previous link.

For more information about HK MP5 and Mp5 Accessories Please Visit : Zenith Firearms

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