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REDACTED: The Future of Online Crypto Casinos with Native NFTs


REDACTED is an upcoming online crypto casino that aims to revolutionize the online gambling industry by integrating native NFTs, referred to as VIP Passes, directly into its rewards and leveling system. This unique approach will provide players with an enhanced gaming experience and an opportunity to earn boosted rewards. Moreover, the integration of NFTs into the gameplay experience will bridge and cross-promote crypto gambling and NFTs.

VIP Passes Sale and Boosted Rewards

REDACTED will conduct a sale for the VIP Passes, offering stakers boosted rewards in the casino. These rewards include free monthly bets, instant EXP boost to Titanium, EXP multiplier, increased rakeback, and much more. By staking the VIP Passes, players will be able to access these rewards and gain a competitive edge in their gameplay.

Moonbears Project and Revenue Distribution

REDACTED is the culmination of the efforts put into the Moonbears project, launched in April 2022. Moonbears started off as a utility project and gained immense support from the community. All Moonbears stakers will be qualified to receive 30% of total net gaming revenue distributed monthly and claimable via the Moonbears staking dApp. This unique approach will ensure that the community benefits from the success of the casino.

Diverse Range of Games

REDACTED will offer a diverse range of games, including custom-built originals, popular slots, live games by various providers, and a sportsbook. In the long run, REDACTED aims to explore new and unique games of chance where NFTs are more tightly integrated into the gameplay experience. This approach will provide players with an exciting and immersive gaming experience.

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REDACTED promises to be the most rewarding crypto casino, providing players with boosted rewards and a unique gaming experience. The integration of native NFTs, the revenue distribution model, and the diverse range of games make REDACTED one of the most exciting casino projects in the crypto space. Stay tuned for more updates on REDACTED’s development and launch.

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