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Rotisserie cooking creates healthy, delicious dishes

If you’ve ever eaten rotisserie-cooked foods, you already know that healthy doesn’t have to mean a salad for every green chilli, and delicious doesn’t have to mean high fat. Rotisserie cooking results in tender, juicy meat and flavorful vegetables that have been slow-cooked to perfection… without the added fat and calories of frying, or the potentially dangerous consequences of grilling.

Rotisserie cooking creates healthy

Most people know about the cholesterol-raising and artery-clogging side effects of deep-frying, but what could make grilling unhealthy? While this method of food preparation is certainly lower fat than frying, recent studies showed that particles called benz pyrenes found in charred food might lead to cancer. In other words, if you like your steak or hot dogs charbroiled black, beware. Carcinogens might be lurking in those crusty black bits.

Another possible health hazard in grilling is the use of lighter fluid and some charcoal with additives to help start the fire. Overuse could make these unhealthy chemicals end up in the meal. Grease dripping down into grills can also cause dangerous flare-ups that burn food (or even an unwary cook).

Rotisserie-cooked food does not suffer from any of these problems. When meat is cooked in this way, the fat and drippings from the meat baste the meat, while the excess is collected in a pan on the bottom of the rotisserie unit. The result is delicious, moist meat with less fat than other cooking methods. (You can also choose to make a wonderful sauce or gravy out of the pan drippings if the fat isn’t a concern.)

Chicken, turkeys and Cornish hens, as well as various beef, pork and even lamb roasts, are easy to prepare on the rotisserie. However, innovations in kitchen products can allow you to cook almost anything using this delightful method. Fish, whether store bought or freshly caught, can be placed inside specialized baskets to further add to the variety of your meals.

Fruits and vegetables can also easily be skewered on a rotisserie. You can choose to cook them alone or alongside meats as a part of delectable kabobs. Peppers and onions are only the beginning of the many healthful, scrumptious vegetables that can be prepared with this type of oven. Even vegetables that don’t skewer well, such as Brussels sprouts, can be placed in rotisserie baskets for easy cooking.

Conventional rotisserie ovens are designed to cook turkeys and other large roasts. By necessity, they take up quite a bit of space. However, this is not the only option. Counter-top models enable single people and small families to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful cooking method, while taking up very little space in your kitchen. These smaller models are more energy efficient, and more affordable, than conventional size rotisseries, but it is important to recognize that most of them can’t accommodate the larger roasts that their bigger cousins handle.


If you or your loved ones feel that most healthy cooking methods are boring and flavorless, a rotisserie might be the perfect solution. Whether you are cooking for twenty people or just one, this method of cooking can help you easily prepare delicious, healthy foods.

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