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Soul Knight Characters – Tier List for The Latest Game Version

Soul Knight is becoming one of the most sought after mobile and Nintendo Switch bullet hell dungeon crawler action games. Very addictive and providing a nail-biting, adrenaline-pumping experience, this game takes its cues from the critically renowned Enter the Gungeon. About 61 million people have downloaded Soul Knights on Android because to its extensive arsenal of weaponry, randomly created environments, distinctive NPCs, tough bosses, and hordes of opponents. In addition to the game’s impressive mechanics, there are 22 playable Soul Knight Characters—17 regulars and 5 legends.

In Soul Knight, a hero’s name will reflect his or her role in the game. Each hero has a foundation set of statistics and abilities, as well as a starting weapon. Mythical heroes would hold the most power in an ideal society. Soul Knight, though, means that the strongest heroes are as much a matter of chance as the game’s dungeons. Therefore, if you’re a new player and you’re having trouble deciding which hero is the best, check out our tier list for the most recent build of the game.

Soul Knight Characters Tier List

It’s important to keep in mind that the tier list could shift if the developers decide to abandon their plans to adjust hero balance in future patches. Also, in order to keep the story from being spoiled, we will only talk about heroes from Tiers S and A. Now that we have everything settled, we can begin our list.

Soul Knight


Tier S

In Soul Knight, the best heroes may be found on the Tier S roster. In addition, these heroes’ abilities and traits make battling bosses and exploring dungeons much simpler. Only two heroes, neither of whom are legendary, can be included in this category.


The Paladin is a hero of higher quality and cost, so expect to pay $1 for him. This hero’s armor rating is the greatest of any on the team, making him a formidable opponent. His health, on the other hand, is the weakest part of his appearance. The Paladin has a trinity of abilities. The first is an Energy Shield, a five-second bubble of protection.

The second talent, Holy Warrior, is unlocked with real money and makes the player’s character a five-second-long giant. The Paladin’s third ability, Splash and Bash, allows him to protect himself by raising his shield.


Soul Knight Paladin 3



Second in Tier S is Rogue, which can be purchased with the cheapest currency in the game (2000 stones). Rogue has the fewest health points of any character, but her melee damage is so high that she still ranks first. Rogue has three abilities, the same number as the other playable heroes.

The hero can dodge incoming fire by doing a forward roll thanks to the first talent, Dodge. The second is a paid premium feature called Laido. The hero can slash the adversary while dashing towards them without receiving any harm thanks to this premium skill. Cartwheel, the third ability, lets the hero roll toward the foe and finish with a slash.


Soul Knight Rogue 1


Tier A

Tier A heroes are well-rounded in terms of both power and weakness. All of these heroes are excellent choices for players that like to switch things up in battle and utilize many strategies at once. They may lack the raw power of Tier S heroes, but they’re nonetheless formidable fighters.


The Alchemist begins play in a brown robe and with a weapon called the Dormant Bubble Machine. With 5000 gems, you can get this hero with above-average defenses and health. His first ability, Gas Grenade, lets him hurl bottles packed with poison at his enemies, dealing area-of-effect damage.

His second ability, though, is called Concoction, and it can be unlocked for $1.99. If the hero consumes it, his or her abilities will be enhanced. The third ability, Elemental Potions, allows the hero to cast a variety of potions that deal area-of-effect damage. The price of obtaining this ability is 8000 gems.


Soul Knight Alchemist


Time Traveling Ninja

One of the game’s five legendary characters is the Time Traveling Ninja. This hero’s unlock cost is 22,000 gems, the same as leveling up the Assassin and the Engineer. Additionally, this hero has average HP and Armor but shines in his or her energy pool, melee attacks, and critical chance. Time Space Shuriken is his initial ability, and it allows him to throw a shuriken that floats in midair before disappearing.

Moreover, he possesses a Passive Buff that sometimes increases the velocity of his slash strike.


Soul Knight Time Travelling Ninja



Unlocking the Werewolf will set you back $2.00, as he is a premium hero. He has the best health but the weakest armor of anyone on the team right now. When in a berserk rage, he can use his claws to attack adversaries with his first skill, Berserk. Blood Hunger is the name of his second skill, and it requires 12,000 diamonds to acquire. The hero can quickly slash at the bad guys with this.

The impact of a successful slash will also heal him. The third ability, Devour, lets the hero eat bad guys to get stronger and healthier.


Soul Knight Werewolf



The Assassin (similar to Geometry Dash Subzero) comes equipped with a sword named Blood Blade and clothing reminiscent of a ninja’s. Unlocking this hero will set you back 4,000 gems. His HP is below average, but his armor is above average. His first ability, Black Blade, lets him deliver a deadly slice to his foes. The next ability, dubbed Doppelgänger, lets him duplicate himself for combat purposes.

His final ability, Invisibility, allows him to strike without being seen and increases the effectiveness of his next assault. Two of his skills, his second and third, each cost 7,000 gems to activate.


Soul Knight Assassin



The Engineer is a unique hero who wears a water bottle as a helmet and whose first weapon is simply called “H2O.” In addition, he’s a premium character whose unlock will set you back a buck. Gun Turret, his initial skill, allowing the hero to call out a field turret to provide assistance. Armor Mount is his second ability. The hero can now equip a mount made of plate armor. Lastly, his third ability, Interceptor, enables him construct a laser turret that can both deflect and destroy incoming enemy fire. It will cost you $1.99 to unlock his second and third skill.

Soul Knight Engineer



The Taoist is a top-tier protagonist who dons a blue robe and a white coat with gold trimmings. The hero’s primary weapon, the Tao Sword, requires an additional $1.99 to purchase. It’s Origin of Swords, his first skill. With this ability, a ring of longswords will protect him from harm. Bagua is his second ability, and it allows him to perform a spell that can deflect projectiles from his enemies. Unlocking this skill will set you back $1.99.

His third ability, Sword Fly, requires ten thousand gems to activate. Due to this ability, the hero can temporarily ride a sword. In addition, while he is in transit, he will be immune to harm.


Soul Knight Taoist



Often used by many, the Elf is equipped with the Ancient Bow as their primary weapon. To get him, you’ll need 12,000 gems. Focus Fire is his initial ability, and it lets him shoot magical arrows that heal his health when they hit an enemy. In the following $1.99 skill, you’ll learn Arrow Rain. The hero can unleash an array of arrows that deal area-of-effect damage using this ability. You’ll need 10,000 gems to buy the final talent, Guardian Elf. The hero can use it to call forth an elf guardian to fight with him.
Soul Knight Elf


Tier B

Tier B characters are those who are below average and will probably see balancing changes in the future. Additionally, they work best in the hands of seasoned veterans. Some examples of these heroes are the Beheaded Vampire, the Wizard, the Knight, the Interdimensional Traveler, and the Special Forces.

Tier C

The heroes of Tier C are second-worst in the game. The heroes of this tier are all weak and should only be used by seasoned gamers. Heroes like the Berserker, Necromancer, and Robot can be found at Tier C.

Tier F

Like the tier B and tier C heroes, these are the worst heroes in the game and need balancing changes. Therefore, those looking for the ultimate Soul Knight challenge should focus on these personalities. A Priest, Druid, Officer, or Element Envoy is a Tier F character.

Soul Knight Tier List
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