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What Not to Do When You’re Suspected of Committing a Crime

Most people have heard of the Miranda warnings, but they may not know what to do or to avoid doing if they’re suspected of committing a crime. It is important to get legal help as fast as possible to try to get a better outcome for the situation and, in some cases, avoid a conviction or lengthy jail term. There are also a lot of things the suspect should avoid doing, including the following.

Do Not Talk to Anyone About the Crime

Avoid talking to anyone about the crime, as friends, neighbors, and relatives can be questioned by the police or used as a witness in court. If someone is used as a witness in court and they lie under oath, they can be charged with perjury and face their own legal case. Instead, do not talk to anyone about what happened, even if it’s to try to explain what happened and gain sympathy for help.

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Do Not Talk to the Police

Do not talk to the police about the case, as anything that’s said can be used in court, even if it’s taken out of context. The police will try to find anything that could help bolster the case, so it’s a good idea to just avoid talking without a lawyer present. The suspect may need to identify themselves to the police, but beyond that, request a lawyer and stop answering any questions until the lawyer arrives.

Do Not Admit to Anything

Often, people will admit to something minor or try to provide an alibi to get out of the situation, but this can backfire. The person may end up saying something incriminating that can be used to convict them in court. Even if it seems like providing information can help prevent the charges, it’s a much better idea to run everything through a lawyer before talking to the police.

Do Not Share on Social Media

Social media is public and easy to view, so it’s never a good idea to brag on social media or post about what’s happening. Social media posts can be used as evidence in court. Instead, lock down all social media profiles by making them private and do not post anything at all to prevent the posts from becoming evidence used in the court case.

Do Not Wait to Seek Legal Help

It’s easy to get nervous about having to hire a lawyer, but this isn’t something that should be put off. The faster a lawyer is hired, the more they can do to help their client. As soon as possible after an arrest or when an arrest may be imminent, it’s a good idea to start getting legal advice from a criminal defense lawyer. They can help with interrogations, knowing what to say to possibly prevent charges, and a lot more.

If you’ve been arrested, be careful with what you say and do until the charges are dropped or the case goes to court. Anything you say or do can be used against you in court. Instead, visit a site like to hire a lawyer that can help with your case.

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