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The advantages of hands-on learning in the classroom

The teaching methodologies until a few years ago worked on a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. As a result, all the students in a class learn through the same teaching methodology without verifying whether it works for all of them. However, things are changing with time; schools have realized that one strategy cannot work for every student. Moreover, forcing a student to adapt to a teaching methodology that he doesn’t relate to can cause significant damage to his intellectual level and academic performance. 

That is where the concept of hands-on learning comes into the picture. Every renowned International school in Abu Dhabi now wants to change the way they teach their students. They wish to follow a customized teaching approach for every child so that everyone can excel to their full potential. Though the Indian public high school cannot frame a different curriculum for every student, the right way is to offer personalized activities. Under this learning mechanism, teachers organize various activities to teach multiple concepts. The student can decide which activity interests him the most and participate in that to learn the lesson it delivers. 

Advantages of hands-on learning in the classroom

Hands-on or experiential learning can benefit students in multiple ways. Some of its advantages are listed below.

Learning Made Interesting

Classroom learning with only a focus on books can turn things monotonous, and students may lose interest in their studies. With experiential learning, there is a new activity for each day, so boredom is out of the question. Students will find this methodology utterly interesting, so their engagement level will improve significantly. The increased engagement and interest will improve children’s academic performance and ensure that they actually learn the concept and don’t just mug it up for a good score. 

Relatability is High

As learning happens through real-life experiences or scenarios happening around them, students will relate to it the most. They will recall every incident with the concept they have learned and will remember it for a long. So, they will revise the same concept whenever they see a similar experience around them. Hence, the teachers or parents wouldn’t struggle with revisions, as nature will do its job here!

Better Exposure 

Activities offer better exposure to children as their interaction with their classmates increase. Teachers generally put students in groups while organizing activities that help improve their soft skills. They will learn the appropriate way to conduct themselves in the group; it is a skill that will help them in their life ahead. Their communication skill will improve, and they will be much more aware of the outside world than those who stick to closed classroom learning.

Refines Motor Skills

Every activity would challenge one or the other five senses in children, and it will eventually improve their motor skills. For example, sorting, sticking, cutting, sketching; everything involves some muscle activity, which is fruitful for children. Thus, along with the academic concepts, there are lots of physical growth aspects that get covered. 

Develops Right Skills

Another advantage of hands-on learning in an international school in Abu Dhabi is that it helps develop the right skills in students. For example, they learn the art of teamwork as they perform activities in groups, and they learn to think critically and creatively in different scenarios. Furthermore, students get hands-on with decision-making as these activities make them observant enough to compare right and wrong before making an opinion. 

These are only a few of the never-ending list of advantages that hands-on learning can offer. So, it is fruitful that every school follows this strategy to raise intelligent and intellectually strong individuals. At the same time, parents should prefer these schools for their children to push them toward a promising future.

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