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The Pros and cons of having open shelves

Designing your space and ditching the closed shelves and cupboards in your kitchen could be one of the adventurous tasks to take on. Therefore, it is important to carry out some kind of research before you choose to go for the open shelves over the standard shelving system. If you are among those people who like to experiment and look out for new trends to adapt, it is important to mention here that those shelves are a treat to delight for all those who like to keep their kitchen and rooms in a clean and sparkling place.

But there are many others, like an author, who don’t bother about where to put things and create an effort to put those things back in the right place after you have used them. Therefore, before you look out to build those aesthetically designed open shelves, here are a few things to ponder.

Why choose open shelves:

One of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself about the shelves is whether your lifestyle suits an open shelving system or not. When you talk around and take on the perspective of people, it clearly shows that it suits those who enjoy a clean and clear lifestyle with less traffic in the kitchen and a sunny open view from the interiors are the ones who like to go for the open shelving system.

Moreover, a common perspective about those open shelving is to keep things as simple as possible. When you don’t want to get into the details of clutter and keep on deciding what things you might need in the future and which are the ones that you are not going to have in the near year, you create the clutter in those shelves.

But for all those who are happy with the basic utensils, accessories, and essentials in the kitchen or any other room, they stick to the open shelves, where they keep their lives to simpler models and enjoy their time with their open shelving system.


For all those spaces where there is no room for big, heavy-duty shelves, there are too many aspects that the designer should keep in mind, and one among them is the functionality of those open shelves.

For some people in a small space, if you try and place those overhead cupboards in the kitchen, they take over the light and energy of the kitchen and leave the place gloomy and dark.

Therefore, people choose to go for overhead shelves and an open system in the kitchen; however, if you are looking to use your kitchen shelves effectively, then you should choose the open shelves where there is room for air, light, and space for other stuff to be kept finally at a resting place.


For others, there might be thousands of other reasons as to why they choose to go for the shelving system and prefer it over the others, and one among them is uniqueness. Because people are tired of the Victorian kitchen and how painfully unmanageable those huge and gigantic closed cabinets could be for most people.

Keeping things simpler and unique is always on their cards, and therefore, they choose to go for the open shelves that are unique and simpler in nature.


When you discuss the pros and cons of open shelving in your kitchen, one of the reasons people choose to go for them over the others is because of practicality. It’s easier to pick and choose the stuff that you want to work with and keep them back in the right space.

No more opening tons of cabinets and turning and finding space that is practically not possible for everyone. Therefore, they selected a style of shelves that was practical and simple in nature.

However, there are other schools of thought as well who don’t enjoy showcasing everything that has been on the shelves, and they like to hide their ingredients, pantry, and other stuff secretively.

Therefore, they are not in favor of those open shelving systems. It’s all about perspective and point of view, and it may vary from one person to another.

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