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Things to do in Idaho


Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana, and California come to mind when people think of incredible natural beauty in the United States. However, Idaho is an underappreciated natural beauty state with many breathtaking attractions to see.

There are many beautiful sights to see in Idaho, especially in the natural world. Visitors can expect to see mountains, waterfalls, lakes, gardens, rivers, hot springs, canyons, and other natural wonders.

The state also has galleries, museums, discovery centres, zoos, and water parks in addition to natural wonders. For your trip to the “Gem State,” we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best things to see in Idaho.

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  1. Kirkham Hot Springs

Kirkham Hot Springs is a collection of hot springs in the Boise National Forest. These springs are ideal for soaking after a day of hiking or skiing in the nearby mountains. The springs are open all year, but if you go in the winter, be cautious of the icy roads.

  1. Sawtooth National Forest

The Sawtooth National Forest is a protected forest that spans more than 2 million acres. It’s in Idaho, and it includes the Sawtooth, White Cloud, and Boulder Mountains. Camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and mountain biking are among the many recreational activities available here.

  1. City of Rocks National Reserve

If you enjoy rock climbing or hiking, you should visit the City of Rocks National Reserve. This reserve is made up of massive granite boulders, some of which are more than 500 million years old. This reserve also offers historical and cultural opportunities, such as learning about American Indian tribes and the California Trail Era. Throughout the reserve, there are several different climbing and hiking trails, as well as a few campgrounds.

  1. Bruneau Dunes State Park

Bruneau Dunes State Park is an excellent place to experience Idaho’s desert landscape. This park is home to North America’s tallest single-structured sand dune, which stands over 470 feet tall. This state park offers camping, bird watching, and stargazing also as hiking and sand sledding.

  1. Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

The Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument will appeal to both history buffs and archaeology enthusiasts. This monument contains many plant and animal fossils dating back to before the ice age. There’s a lot to see and do on the 4,351-acre property. We recommend that you first stop by the visitor centre to get some background information that will help you understand what to look for.

  1. Idaho Potato Museum 

Aside from scenic landscapes and recreational opportunities, Idaho is best known for its potatoes. So, it’s not surprising that there’s an Idaho Potato Museum, which is both educational and entertaining for visitors of all ages! The Idaho Potato Museum is an interesting place to learn about the state’s potato industry, discover potato facts, and, of course, buy potato-related items from the gift shop!

  1. Upper Mesa Falls

Upper Mesa Falls may be less well-known than some of the state’s other natural wonders, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful or worthwhile to visit. This 114-foot-tall waterfall is in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Upper Mesa Falls is best visited in the spring when the runoff from melted snow is at its peak.

  1. Ponderosa State Park

Ponderosa State Park is the place to go if you’re visiting Idaho with a group of people who are in a variety of outdoor activities. This state park in Valley County, Idaho, offers a variety of activities such as biking, guided walks, hiking, wildlife watching, and more. Skiing and snowshoeing are popular in the winter, and beaches are popular in the summer. It truly is a “best of both worlds” location!

  1. Camel’s Back Park

Camel’s Back Park is a playground and outdoor gym that is ideal for family outings in Boise. Climb to the top of the highest hill for a spectacular view of the valley. You can also bring your own lunch and eat it at one of the picnic tables, play in the outdoor gym, or relax in one of the hammocks.

  1. Lake Coeur d’ Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene is in Northern Idaho, in the United States Pacific Northwest region. The lake is approximately 26 miles long, with more than 135 miles of shoreline that is ideal for camping, hiking, and other activities. In this beautiful area of the state, visitors can enjoy jet skiing, boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

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