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University of Mississippi – Top Schools to Explore

University of Mississippi

Are you looking for a renowned university to embark on the next level of your education journey? Then, look no further than the University of Mississippi. It’s also known as Ole Miss which is its nickname and was given after it won the yearbook title.  It has a vibrant campus life with more than 460 student organizations. This provides countless opportunities for the students to get involved and enhance their learning experience.

The university is home to a student population of over 21,000, which includes over 600 international students. This creates a diverse student community and a welcoming environment that sparks lifelong friendships. You can meet with students from various countries while expanding your knowledge and acquiring skills in your chosen field. It offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs via its 10 schools and colleges.

Don’t know which school to join? Let’s dig deeper into the University of Mississippi’s top schools to explore.

5 Best Schools to Join at the University of Mississippi

Ole Miss caters to the interests of every student and provides them with opportunities to grow in their field of interest. Whether you want to advance in business or thoroughly explore branches of engineering, this institute has a program for everyone. In this article, you will uncover 5 best schools to join at the University of Mississippi. These schools are shortlisted based on learning opportunities, success ratio, internship, ranking, etc.

Here are the 5 best academic schools you can consider at the University of Mississippi.

1. School of Business

At Ole Miss School of Business, students have cover 10 majors to choose from. These majors are designed to help you follow your passion by expanding your knowledge of the field, with specialties in marketing, management, finance, management information systems, and more. Students can also receive guidance from the school’s career preparation team that are determined to help students grow professionally.

You can also gain global experience as there are various programs offered in different cities around the world. You can study various business areas such as general business, banking and finance, general business, and much more. However, to get considered for this school, students must fulfill all the requirements. This is why students leverage the expertise of study abroad education consultants to simplify their admission procedures.

2. School of Engineering

School of Engineering is one of the oldest schools at the University of Mississippi which was built in 1900. This will allow you to benefit from over 120 years of students who played a vital part in driving innovation. You can explore programs such as computer science, civil engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, and many more.

The institute also allows the student to spend one of their semester in a job that is relevant to their chosen field. This ensures students put their acquired knowledge into use and gain maximum exposure to the field. Graduates from this school secure high-paying jobs in both private and government sectors.

3. School of Education

The Ole Miss School of Education is ranked #54 according to the U.S. News and World Report. Along with this, it’s also listed as #88 in the Top Public Schools. Students can explore over 30 graduate programs and 8 undergraduate programs and grow in the areas they are most passionate about.

The School of Education has various industry connections and this is why it offers more than 70 scholarships. Students can apply for these scholarships and minimize the burden of their studying expenses. Also, with hands-on experience, research roles, and professional development workshops, the School of Education can enhance your learning experience.

4. School of Law

The School of Law at the University of Mississippi is considered the most beautiful campus in the United States according to Newsweek. The school is committed to providing students with top-notch legal education while helping them grow professionally. Students at this school graduate with everything they require to succeed in their future endeavors.

They chose this school not only because of its high-quality education but also because it’s extremely affordable. Students acquire their law degree without getting overburdened with expenses and debts.

5. School of Pharmacy

At the School of Pharmacy, you build a promising career in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. It offers various programs in the relevant field that are nationally recognized as top-tier programs. The institute empowers the students to get involved in experiential learning and enables them to make a difference in health.

You can gain maximum exposure through cutting-edge education and participating in research projects. Studying through this school can lead you to over 100 unique career opportunities. However, international students may get tangled in the complex admission process. Considering this, you can refer to consultants for your study abroad to assist you with admission processes.

Join the University of Mississippi

With countless learning opportunities like co-op programs and generous scholarships, Ole Miss is the right place for everyone. You can lean on professional consultants to simplify your admission hurdles for the University of Mississippi. Contact Sigma Education Consultants now and secure your slot at Ole Miss for a bright career!

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