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What Makes A Good Surveying Company? – Know What To Avoid

With dozens of land surveying companies in Okanagan Valley, it can be tough to choose a surveyor and especially confusing since all of them are offering the same services. While there might be no noticeable difference between the two surveying companies on paper, there are a few factors that entirely determine the quality of work you can expect.

We’ve boiled down the process of surveying to 3 essential factors, any of which you shouldn’t overlook.

Factors To Consider When Hiring a Surveying Company

Latest Surveying Equipment
A large part of surveying results is an outcome of the quality of equipment used. Taking measurements, in particular, is done with the help of surveying equipment that has grown to be more precise over time.

Not only does advanced equipment offer accurate results, but they’re also cost-effective. Ensuring that a surveying company has the latest equipment can help you get a high-quality survey, and save a few bucks as a bonus.

Positive Reviews From Past Customers
Testimonials are a perfect insight into the reliability of a business. Surveying companies that work under ethical standards, while practicing utmost professionalism, proudly display customer testimonials. And they do very little talking themselves for the brand since word-of-mouth is enough.

Sketchy companies on the other hand are hesitant to divert a new customer to a previous one, and this should be taken as a sign to avoid the business.

Don’t Trade Discounts For Poor Surveying Work
There is a lot of competition in the surveying industry, which makes some businesses offer their services at low costs while compromising on quality. Property owners should never trade a flawless report to save a few bucks.

An inaccurate report leads to unintentional costs in the future such as lawsuits from adjacent property owners, which can be avoided by paying an industry-standard fee to reputable land surveyors.

In Okanagan Valley, Core Geomatics are known to maintain a balance between affordable costs and exceptional services. As a property owner, you don’t need to look for a better fit anymore, if you were looking for land surveying companies in Okanagan Valley.

Land surveyors, on the other hand, can be more careful and accountable for their services, since there’s nothing more important than a reputation for quality work in the industry. And here are a few things a struggling land surveying company can improve upon.

Land Surveying Mistakes Surveyors Should Fix

Miscalculations in determining property boundaries are one of the most simple, yet common mistakes a land surveyor can make. Malfunctioning equipment is normally responsible for inaccurate results, and even a small issue can lead to a massive expense.

It is important to perform regular checks on the equipment, as well as use the latest equipment to ensure optimum accuracy.

Miscommunication Between the Client and Surveyor
As a land surveyor, it is your job to communicate all the details of a land survey to a client. This includes not only the specifications of a property but also the potential impact of any unaddressed easement that could impact them in the future.

Not Being Quick
There are several reasons for a delay in conducting a land survey. The client, however, isn’t really interested in the technicalities. A land surveying company should make sure that they deal with any obstruction as promptly as possible, and perform the overall job in the most optimal way, reducing the time to complete the survey.

On-time services are appreciated by clients, which can further help boost the business through positive word-of-mouth.

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