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9 Reasons to Use Workforce Management Software

Organizations that rely on traditional and manual tools often struggle to manage their in-office, hybrid, and remote workforce. They cannot simply streamline processes, manage employees, and optimize shift scheduling by preferring mundane tasks only. However, effective workforce management software can change the entire scenario.

The software replaces all those herculean tasks with core elements like seamless time & attendance tracking, technician scheduling, and expense management. It combines essential pieces in one centralized platform and helps organizations improve employees’ productivity and experience.

Significant Benefits of Using Workforce Management Software

  • Enhanced Attendance Management

While enabling geofences, managers can ensure that their employees record their logins on specific locations only. If employees go out of that location, managers immediately receive notifications. This avoids the chance for field and remote workers to utilize their working hours for personal matters.

As each employee is provided with their user panels, they cannot log in on behalf of other colleagues. Most attendance management software also comes with image-verified attendance marking. It lets executives click their pictures, consisting of the latitude and longitude of the location that managers see, and thereupon confirm their availability. All these ultimately result in mitigating buddy punching, time theft, and inaccurate records.

  • Improved Resource Allocation

Acknowledging parameters like skills, working hours, and availability, you can allocate your employees to the appropriate jobs. Avoid wasting efforts on calling or messaging an employee for a certain task. Just use the field workforce management software, swiftly swap the paperwork, and assign employees the relevant tasks. Employees on their apps can view, start, and update the tasks for managers to acknowledge their productivity levels.

  • Exceeded Productivity

A holistic field workforce tracking software offers real-time employee tracking, task management, expense management, attendance management, etc., in one single platform. Managers while accessing the tool kit can improve relevant processes. For example, they can easily monitor field employees’ activities, whereabouts, progress, tasks, and productivity. Also, they can generate reports to recognize bottlenecks and decide on the areas of improvement.

  • Streamlined Communication

Regardless of their locations, employees and managers can seamlessly communicate with each other. Remote workforce management software eliminates the need to rely on different platforms. It offers single-platform communication tools that facilitate communication, mitigate delays, and improve team productivity.

  • Data-driven Decision Making

The centralized platform stores everything in one place. It lets managers save themselves from burying their noses in huge files, inaccurate Excel sheets, and error-driven manual records. They can seamlessly locate the relevant data they need and further build strategies. For instance, managers can plan training programs for employees after analyzing their productivity reports. This centralization helps in simplifying document retrieval and enhancing compliance with regulations.

  • Reduced Administrative Overhead

The administration is not required to look at papers or call employees again. All they simply do is utilize the software to automate every process. The software delivers workforce insights to managers, which in turn, helps them strategize the next step forward.

Moreover, the software turns passive employees into active contributors by allowing them to self-allocate their tasks. It keeps team members in the loop so they don’t always run to managers to get updates on their tasks.

  • Simplified Payroll Processing

Accurate working hours, timesheets, and attendance tracking all facilitate smooth payroll processing. Managers after receiving the data collected by these functionalities process payments to their employees accurately. As employees get paid for their accurate hours, they feel more motivated towards work.

  • Efficient Leave Compilation

Not knowing which employee will take leave for a certain day can fail you as a manager. But, not when you utilize workforce management software. The software consists of an efficient leave management feature that lets employees seamlessly request and managers approve leaves on the same platform.

Moreover, leaves are categorized into different categories, i.e., paid, unpaid, sick, or others according to the company’s compliance. Employees can select the leave they need, and mention days, and reasons to generate requests. Likewise, managers receive notifications, acknowledge leaves, and update employees’ leave balances on their specific portals.

  • Smooth Expense Reimbursement

Expense claims, reporting, and reimbursement become hassle-free with expense management software. Employees submit their expense claims with proofs like bills and invoices. Managers in the hierarchy receive notifications on expense reimbursement claims. They assess the requests against the proof uploaded and the company’s compliance. Thereafter, they reimburse employees with the claimed amount. Field organizations can make the most of expense management software to deter fraud, delays, and errors in expense reporting and acknowledgment.

Take It Away!

Without workforce management software, it is extremely hard for field organizations to manage their field executives. The software coordinates a huge toolkit that simplifies the operations of almost all processes.

One such workforce management software is TrackoField. It makes employee monitoring systems, bulk task allocation, expense reimbursement, and order placement a breeze. Replacing the manual methods with automation, the software eliminates manual errors, inaccurate data, and fraudulent clock-ins.

Most importantly, the software works efficiently for both in-office and remote workers. Sign up to discover its capabilities for free and streamline your field operations.

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