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Acoustic Shock Can Be Dangerous to Your Ears

Hearing loss is a type of personal injury in which the individual has deafness in one ear or both ears. However, the intensity of hearing loss can be from mild to severe. Acoustic shock results in hearing loss. It is induced by sudden loud noise in the working environment. In most cases, workers are engaged with heavy machinery and or using audio equipment that can be brutal to their ears. A normal ear can listen to 80 decibels. 

The unexpected loud noises could be an explosion of headphones, high-pitched audio, or amplifiers used in concerts. If the audio equipment is malfunctioning or the machinery has a shrilled voice, this could do a lot of damage to one’s ear. Hearing loss indeed affects the person’s communication skills as well they are mentally distressed because the struggle is real. It leaves a psychological impact on the individual’s life, resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and stress. Moreover, they develop sensitivity towards some sounds. 

When Should I Get My Hearing Checked?

It is crucial to get your regular medical checkups twice a year. But, if you have already witnessed the symptoms of hearing loss, such as difficulty hearing others, then you must go to a medical specialist. They will provide you with a medical assessment to ensure your hearing ability. Seeking early medical advice would be a great chance to save your ears from more damage. Sometimes, hearing loss symptoms come gradually and it may worsen the condition. Hence, if you have the slightest symptom of losing your hearing ability then you must consult a medical professional, immediately.

How Hearing Loss is Caused Through Noise?

Your ears can listen from low-pitched to high-pitched sounds. However, they are sensitive to a certain frequency. Once that level of frequency is reached and can be calculated into decibels, hearing loss will occur. It could be an Acoustic shock – a sudden high-pitched sound goes in the ears. Often, anything hard thrown towards the ear could also damage the inner part of the ear, which may result in hearing loss.

Can I Make a Claim for Acoustic Shock?

It is possible to claim for your hearing loss, especially if you are associated with a company or an organisation. The employer has to compensate you for your hearing loss whether you were hurt at work or anywhere else. Many organisations have hearing loss compensation UK tables, to take a look at the claim they have to make it to you. Sometimes, it gets difficult to talk them through. If you think that your manager is not helping you with the compensation then you must take legal action against them.

What Should I Do for a Legal Claim?

Making a claim is a daunting task because many of us do not know where to start. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is hire a solicitor. They will work on your case, closely with you. However, you will need to provide them with evidence such as photographs, medical appointments for hearing loss checkups, and other relevant documents. Moreover, they will examine your medical assessments conducted by the ENT (nose-tongue) specialist to ensure the severity of your hearing loss. The medical tests will help them in making the right type of hearing loss claim for you. It could be a claim for tinnitus or acoustic shock. The intensity of ear damage has to be identified to make a good compensation claim.

How Do Solicitors Work with the Claimant?

In most cases, the solicitors will help you with their policy of ‘No Win, No Fee’. Relatively, it is an economical solution for people who are looking for budget-friendly assistance for their claims. Hire a solicitor today and make the best acoustic shock claim!

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