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Top 7 Apps That Will Give You Offers And Bonuses To Earn Money

Are you looking to invest some money? Or do you want to save up some bucks? Does the idea of earning outside your job entice you? Then you need to check out our list of bonus apps which will help you get richer with side money you can earn without a side “hustle.”

The apps we will mention have good deals and bonuses that will help you invest, save, and earn money with the get-paid apps. You can choose from varied apps so you can use them to their best advantage. You can dial up your earnings with these apps without having to add an extra job to your already hectic schedule.

Here are some of the best get-paid-to apps that you can easily earn money from.


This get-paid-to software called Swagbucks rewards users for completing small tasks like viewing videos, taking surveys, and playing games. Its members receive cashback for their online purchases as well.

Profits earned are redeemable for PayPal deposits or gift cards to the user’s preferred retailers. New members can receive a $10 welcome bonus after spending $25 on online shopping through the Swagbucks app.

Skill Machine Net

The online gaming platform skill allows users to play hundreds of different games for free. The website has a lot in common with popular online casinos and sweepstakes websites.

The website features a hoard of online slots, scratch cards, and even a lobby for skill games. The app says players can receive financial rewards for participating in their games.


As a get-paid-to app, InboxDollars initially reimbursed users to read emails. Today, this app has many more opportunities to make money, such as reading emails, watching movies, shopping online, playing games, and accepting offers.

Users can get a $5 welcome bonus when they join as new members. The minimum exchange amount for InboxDollars is $30, but the $5 registration incentive provides a head start. The good news is that the app pays in actual money rather than points, so it saves the user from worrying about tracking the earnings.

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Branded Surveys

The app Branded Surveys rewards its users with points for their input. The points can be redeemed for gift cards to preferred retailers. The platform offers numerous opportunities daily and is open about how many points can be earned for each survey.

Once 500 points are reached it can be encashed but it will require 100 points for signing up and completing the first survey.


One of the most popular and reliable cash-back apps has to be Rakuten. They collaborate with more than 3,500 merchants and offer rewards of up to 30% on your purchases.

To earn the cashback, the user must shop online using the Rakuten app or dashboard. An extension may also be downloaded to make sure not to never miss a cash-back.

Each time Rakuten pays out the earnings, either by mailing a check or putting money in the assigned PayPal account. Along with the cash-back choices, Rakuten also offers generous promo codes that may be used to double the earnings.

Simply on creating a new account and making a purchase, all new members will receive a $30 welcome bonus. The bonus will be added to the initial quarterly payment.


Ibotta offers rewards for both in-person and online shopping. When any purchase is made at large box stores, like Target and Walmart, the user can earn in-store cash back. The offers setting must be turned on before shopping.

 The Ibotta extension can be installed and online purchases can be made with suitable deals. Before shopping activating the offers will enable the user to earn money back that can withdrawn to a PayPal account.

 Ibotta offers up to 30% cash back at reputable stores, plus a $5 gift for signing up after spending $15. However, only first-time users on an Ibotta account are eligible for the deal, and grocery purchases are not included.

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One of the first commission-free trading apps to hit this genre Robinhood, adds a $5 to $20 stock gratis to a new user’s account for signing up. On the platform, users can trade stocks and ETFs, including fractional shares.

An account must be created, linking a bank account, and getting approved by the platform to receive bonuses. Users can select a stock from their choice of 18 firms once they have been accepted. Most investors receive between $5 and $10, but they can use the money to purchase a small portion of one of the best-known American corporations.

The gift stock must be kept for at least three trading days. After that, the user can sell the stock and utilize the proceeds as they like, including using the Robinhood account to invest in added equities.

Wrapping Up

If you want to increase your earnings you have to focus on cash-back and survey applications. The tasks you complete for payment using these applications are typically micro-level, as is the pay. Therefore, stick to investing in apps like Rakuten, Skill Machine Net, and Swagbucks. The secret is to maximize the app profits while utilizing as many registration bonuses as possible.


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