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AWG Marine Battery Cable Q&A

American Wire Gauge (that is, AWG) marine battery cable is recommended for use on vessels as well as in marine environments in which there is a heightened risk of corrosion as a result of exposure to the elements.

If you’re not familiar with this type of battery cable, take a look through the following questions and answers.

1. What is AWG?
Also known as Brown and Sharpe Wire Gauge, American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a system used to determine the gauge (thickness) of the wire. The number of the gauge is inverse to its thickness; that is, a larger gauge indicates a smaller diameter wire, and vice versa.

2. Why is gauge important?
Gauge is critical because it determines whether or not a wire is suitable for a given application. The thicker the wire, the more voltage and current it can carry. Using a wire of an inappropriate gauge creates an elevated risk of electrical shock as well as a higher fire risk.

3. Can AWG marine battery cable be used as automotive battery cable?
Yes, but since it is more expensive, there’s no reason to. However, never use automotive battery cable in place of marine battery cable because it is not flexible enough or rated to protect against corrosion.

4. Why does it look silver?
Marine battery cable is made of individually-tinned copper conductors. This tinning of the copper, underneath the insulation, serves as a secondary protection against saltwater and other corrosive influences.

5. What’s so special about the strand count?
Typically AWG marine battery cable features a very high strand count that ensures a greater degree of flexibility. This makes it much easier to work with marine battery cable within the tight confines of a vessel’s hull or in the electrical compartment.

6. Does it have other uses besides battery cable?
Sure, marine battery cable of an appropriate gauge can be used effectively for most applications on board of a vessel, as long as all other certifications/requirements are met.

7. What type of electrical connection should I use with battery cable?
Never use solder alone to establish and secure an electrical connection on a vessel, not only at the battery but elsewhere. A secondary mechanical connector, like a ring terminal, is necessary to secure the connection.

8. How do I protect marine battery cable from corrosion?
While AWG marine battery cable is protected with special insulation as well as with tinning, wherever it is exposed, such as at battery terminals and connections, it is at a higher risk of corrosion than elsewhere. At these junctures, you can use high-grade dielectric grease to insulation the exposed wire and protect it against oxidation and corrosion.

Where Can I Get AWG Marine Battery Cable Online?
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