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Depression Counselling Calgary The Importance Of Treating Depression

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is one of the main highly disabling conditions in society. Both men and women, and even children, can suffer from it. It is a disease that affects all areas of a person’s life, at the family, social, work, educational, and economic levels. It is common for depressive episodes to be recurrent, and they can become persistent or chronic if they are not detected or treated appropriately.

Depression is a complex disease that can be influenced by various factors: the experience of a traumatic event, hormonal changes, changes in health habits, the presence of other diseases, or abuse of certain substances It can be more severe if combined with other medical diseases such as cancer, arthritis, stroke, cardiovascular diseases or other psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorder.

Detecting the signs and following depression counselling in Calgary that indicate that you may be suffering from depression is essential. Contact Calgary anxiety counselling that can diagnose and treat depression, avoiding serious consequences for the patient’s health and life. Suicide and self-harm are common in people suffering from depressive disorder.

Depression is one of the main causes of suicide

Suicide is the third cause of death among the young population. Every year, around 800,000 people commit suicide, many of them as a result of untreated severe depressive symptoms. People who suffer from a depressive disorder are at greater risk of committing suicide. When a person with depression worsens, the situation can become so unsustainable for the person suffering from it that they can manifest suicidal thoughts and intentions. In these cases, it is very important to pay attention to any attitude, sign, or signal that may suggest suicidal behavior to act immediately.

Both depression and the suicidal tendencies derived from it have become stigmatized topics and situations that are not talked about. This is a big mistake; we must normalize the fact that one can suffer from a depressive disorder, and it is essential to learn to identify and treat it properly. Often, by not talking about the subject openly out of shame, fear, denial… A spiral is created that only feeds and aggravates the depression of those who suffer from it.

It must be understood that depression is a mental illness that can be treated and improved. Talking about it with friends, family and a Calgary anxiety counselling can help release that feeling of shame and fear.

Normalizing this mental illness as something that we can manifest at a certain moment and for which a solution can be found is essential. We must be informed about the risks and fatal consequences of ignoring such a problem, highlighting that one is not less for suffering from depression and that the important thing is to start appropriate treatment (pharmacological or psychological) by a professional who supervises and sets guidelines.

For this, the implementation and visibility of prevention campaigns are very important; we must make this information viral to prevent extremes such as suicide from being reached. Some people constantly deal with thoughts of death or suicide, so it is very important to ask for help and receive treatment.

How can we combat it?

Each person suffers from depression differently. Therefore, it is important to look at the signs or symptoms. If depression worsens, it is essential that a specialist at depression counselling in Calgary who can help and medicate the patient treat it. There are key aspects to combat depression, especially in mild cases:

Ask for help from a Calgary depression counseling specialist, even a friend or family member who can help you find a psychiatrist in the process.

Avoid impulsive actions.

Do not consume drugs or other types of substances.

Avoid doing things that make us feel worse.

Taking the treatments and guidelines established by the psychiatrist helps to improve depression.

Focus on doing things that make us feel good.

Have a reference or safe person you can rely on.

Identifying the signs that may indicate to us that we are suffering from a possible case of depression or someone in our environment is very important. In this way, we can help treat and improve the symptoms and depressive symptoms, in addition to avoiding fatal consequences or actions for the safety of the person who suffers from it. Often, people with depression are not aware of or able to recognize their depression. It may be because they are not able to identify or know the symptoms of a depressive condition, leading them to think that what they feel is normal.

People who suffer from depressive disorder often feel ashamed of their depression and, in some cases, mistakenly believe they can overcome it with their willpower alone. Although willpower to recover from depression is an important step since it will make you seek help and follow the necessary treatment and guidelines, the truth is that depression does not usually improve without adequate treatment and may even worsen. That is why it is so important to identify the signs, contact a professional at depression counselling in Calgary who can treat and evaluate this disorder, provide or seek support from family and friends, as well as talk about how you feel and do things that make you feel good.

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