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Creative Diagnostics is thrilled to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Agar Gel Precipitin (AGP) Tests.

As an expert in providing solutions to assist virology and microbiology research, Creative Diagnostics is thrilled to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Agar Gel Precipitin (AGP) Tests. These in vitro detection tests can be utilized to screen for the presence of multiple pathogens, providing accurate and rapid results for researchers, clinicians, and laboratories worldwide.

AGP tests are based on an antigen-antibody immunoprecipitation reaction in an agar gel and are primarily used for the type-specific identification of viral antigens. These assays are designed to detect serum antibodies specific to influenza virus genus (type) A, i.e., anti-RNA nucleoprotein (i.e., RNP) and matrix protein (M1) antibodies, and are therefore suitable for the identification of influenza viruses. In follow-up studies, AGP is also used to detect Sendai virus and other viruses. Additionally, the AGP test has been the standard monitoring tool for certain viral infections in poultry for many years.

The AGP test is easy to perform and interpret, and many samples can be analyzed in one day. In addition, the test is simple, rapid, specific and not limited by virus subtype. The most commonly used AGP method is the double immunodiffusion method, which not only improves sensitivity, but is also fast, time-saving and more effective for in vitro antiviral detection than the common AGP method.

Recognizing the tremendous potential of AGP testing, Creative Diagnostics leverages its capabilities to provide innovative solutions to researchers worldwide. The company now offers single and double immunodiffusion tests based on the nature and characteristics of the antigen-antibody reaction, which are compatible with many types of viruses, including Adenovirus, Influenza virus, Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis, Sendai virus, Poliovirus, and Rabies virus. The AGP test can be applied in vaccine development, antiviral drug screening, epidemiologic studies, and serologic surveillance.

Creative Diagnostics offers AGP tests in several steps. First, a gel matrix is prepared by dissolving agarose powder in a suitable buffer and allowing it to solidify. Next, the target viral antigen is extracted and purified while the corresponding antibodies are obtained. In the immunodiffusion step, wells are made in the gel and antigen and antibody solutions are placed in separate wells. Over time, diffusion occurs, allowing the antigen and antibody to interact. If they react, a visible precipitin ring forms in the gel, indicating the presence of specific antibodies to the viral antigen. Observations are made regarding the number and characteristics of the precipitation rings, and results are analyzed by comparing ring sizes to measure antigen potency relative to a reference. This systematic approach ensures accurate testing and diagnosis.

Creative Diagnostics offers reliable and efficient in vitro detection of viral antigens and remains committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions that support researchers in the fight against viral diseases and improve global health. For more information on the AGP Test, please visit

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