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Elon Musk, the Next President of the United States???

There is a hype on different social media platforms that the Billionaire and new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk should run for the President of the United States in the next presidential race. Many users are calling Musk to take this initiative and be the President but will Musk take this seriously and make the run even if he did what are the odds that he will succeed? Let’s find out.

Musk has a humongous following on different social media platforms and is also known to actively use them. The debate surrounding the TESLA founder running for president aroused after he bought Twitter. Many people have been calling out for Musk to run however, there has been no reply from Musk in this regard ‘as of yet’. 

No response from Musk or his team in this regard means that Musk either has not yet thought about this or he is simply enjoying the hype and does not want to ruin the fun. This could also mean that he may be thinking about this and will make an informed decision after consulting with his team and people close to him. The chances are yet 50/50 and there could be no anticipation until Musk decides to break the silence and give a clear-cut answer. 

Before going into the political debate of if Musk could or could not win the race let us first ponder the most implored question on if Musk is an American citizen as many netizens are raising this question because a person should be an American citizen to become the President. Musk is undoubtedly an American citizen, although he was born in South Africa and later moved to Canada in 1989, and became an American citizen in 2002. So there should remain no doubt in this dominion. Nevertheless, the American constitution has a ‘Natural-born Clause’ that demands a person to be born in the United States to run for President or Vice President, as stated in Article II, Section 2.

Article II of Section 2 has been subjected to debate in many cases as many politicians have pointed out that it should be amended allowing naturalized citizens to also become eligible to run for President. So there is some room available for Musk to intervene and call for an amendment making him eligible to run for the next Presidential elections. 

Now even if Musk succeeds in getting the amendment we cannot say that he could become the president because for that he would have to win the election. The world’s wealthiest man is surely an icon, especially among the youth and not just in the United States but all across the country but American politics is a little different. American voters do not necessarily vote because they like a person or because the person is rich they vote for the person who could deliver them and fulfill his promises. Apart from this American politics is very much dependent on the party system people vote either Democrat or Republican based on their affiliation and agenda. 

Elon Musk, the wealthiest man on Earth is known for his sheer will and commitment to humanity and this could be the trait that could help him win the hearts of Americans and urge them to vote regardless of their political affiliations. Although, for all this to happen Musk will first have to decide to run in the race and to do that as soon as possible. 


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