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What Does the Hourglass Mean in Snapchat?

Snapachat has various unique features for the users which encourages them to use the platform more and more, and in these unique features the feature of emojis beside names is also there. 

And one such emoji is an hourglass which you can see beside the name of your friends on snapchat, there are many people who do not know about this feature and they want to know what does the hourglass mean on snapchat.

If you also want to know about the same, then this is the right blog for you where you could find the best details and get to know what the emoji of hourglass actually means. 

Hourglass emoji you see beside the name of your friends is something related to snapchat streak and if you want to understand hourglass first then you should first know what the snap streaks are. 

Snap Streaks – What are they?

If you wish to get to know more about the snapchat hourglass then it is necessary for you to first know snap streaks, which means exchange of snaps with other users on snapchat continuously. 

When you start the streak a fire emoji will appear beside that person’s name along with a number, which indicates the number of days for which you have the streak.  

In order to maintain the streak you will have to send at least one snap to the other person each day, in 24 hours and if you fail to do so your streak will be broken. 

What Does Hourglass Mean in Snapchat for the users – 

In order to remind you of the streak snapchat will show you hourglass snapchat which means that your time is running out and you should send a snap immediately so that your streak could be saved. 

It is like a reminder which is given to you so that you can send a snap to your friends and keep on continuing the streaks and as soon as you will send the snap the hourglass emoji will disappear. 

This works both ways, which means if your friend also does not send snap then also the hourglass will appear beside fire emoji and when he or she sends snap to save the streak the emoji will disappear. 

This hourglass emoji will appear when your timer reaches the 20t hour since the last snap you sent. 

We hope that the details which we have presented to you about what does the hourglass on snapchat mean has been quite constructive for you in learning about this emoji and how it operates on snapchat and what it indicates for you. 

There are other emojis as well such as 100 emoji which means that you have completed a hundred days of streak with your friends and both of you are sending snaps to each other consecutively for 100 days. 

If you want to find more details about snapchat and also about the other features it has for the users like you then you could have a look at the website onlinegeeks where more helpful information and details will be offered to you which will help you. 

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