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How Much Value Does an ADU Add to Your Property?

If you are planning to build an ADU unit on your property, then you should understand how much it can add to your current home. An ADU can add value to your property as it adds extra square footage to your home. However, if your ADU does not feature all the amenities in it then it may not add the desired value to your current home.

So, the value of your ADU depends on its size, type, quality, and the local housing market. However, there are certain ways you can calculate how much value your ADU unit can add to your home. You can hire a trusted ADU contractor to understand what type of ADU adds more value to your property. If you are planning to build your ADU San Jose, then you can contact ADU Construction.

The value of ADU is dependent on your Home Value

You can estimate the increase in your property value based on the current value of your property. If your ADU unit is well-planned and features all the amenities, then it can add 30 % to your property value to it. Hence, this can significantly increase the value of your existing home and yield you financial benefits. On the other hand, a junior ADU might not add that much value to your existing property. So, you can ask the experts to estimate which type of ADU can yield you the maximum benefits so that you can include one in your property.

Your property value increases for the extra Square Footage

ADUs certainly add value to your existing property as they add extra square footage to your existing home. So, the more the area, the more the value of your home. you can estimate the per-square-foot rate by dividing the current value of your home by its total square footage. Then, you can estimate the value of your ADU unit and know how much value it will add to your home. However, some ADUs achieve 40% of the actual value estimated based on the rate per square footage. So, you can consult with the ADU contractor to find out which type of ADU can yield the maximum benefits.

Types of ADUs might affect the value of your property:

ADUs can be valuable depending on their types. Certain types of ADUs can add more value to your existing property than the other types. ADUs that have full bathrooms, full kitchens, and bedrooms can be beneficial for potential buyers and thus can add value to your property. On the other hand, ADUs with half baths, kitchenettes, and separate bedrooms can be less valuable in comparison. An ADU that serves as a small bachelor apartment may not add much value to your home; these types of ADUs feature only one bedroom.

ADUs are suitable for renting; Hence, you can make extra income by renting your ADU unit to the tenants. However, you have to plan your ADU accordingly if you are intending to build a granny flat. This unit should have all the amenities that will suit the requirements of your caretakers.

Build ADUs depending on Market Demands

There are some places where ADUs are not in high demand. If you are staying in such places, then you can use your ADU unit to fulfill other needs such as using your ADU unit for home offices, study units, art workshops, etc. We recommend you contact a trusted ADU contractor in your location to understand the type of ADU that is in demand among the local buyers. This will help you build your ADU unit so that it can add value to your property.


If you build your ADU unit with the help of a professional home remodeler then you can get functional storage units and adequate floor space. If you want to build your ADU unit without damaging your property or without creating any mess then you can contact Done Right Home Remodeling in Santa Clara.

Our experts remodelers will make you learn about the basics of home remodeling and will prepare a layout plan for your dream ADU. If you want to have maximum storage units in your ADU without compromising the floor space then our builders can also suggest amazing space-saving ideas. Following all these tips can make your ADU unit functional and thus can increase its value.

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