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How To Say I Love You Too In Spanish & Other Romantic Phrases

With so many methods to convey love and affection in this lovely language, Spanish is a great language for romance and love. Similar to Arabic, Spanish has many ways for its speakers to express affection and often use lovely metaphors and similes. Therefore, whether your goal is to win over a new señorita or just to be platonically affectionate with your in-laws or host family, Spanish language has it all. Continue reading to find out how to say i love you too in spanish and other romantic phrases. 

How to say i love you too in spanish? 

1. Yo también te amo

This is one of the most often used idioms and is a direct translation of “I love you too.” It is often used in personal, intimate relationships or between romantic partners to express a deep, passionate love.

2. Yo también te quiero 

This implies “to love” or “to want” in Spanish, depending on the situation. It is another way to say i love you too in spanish and conveys a great deal of care and devotion when used in this context, but not always a passionate love. It can be used for close friends and family relationships as well as less strongly implied love situations than “te amo.”

3. Igualmente 

The actual meaning of this term is “equally” or “likewise,”. It is not used widely but you can use it as a prompt in response to someone expressing their love and conveys a sense of reciprocal affection without using the word “love.” This has a sense of emotion and passion as well. 

4. Yo también siento lo mismo 

The translation of this term is “I feel the same way too.” It’s a more subdued method of showing affection or love that can be applied in a variety of situations, including intimate friendships and romantic partnerships.

5. Con todo mi corazón 

This beautiful phrase means “with all my heart”. It is often said in romantic situations or to convey genuine emotions because it highlights the profundity and sincerity of your feelings and your emotions. It is a very passionate way to express your love. 

6. Te correspondo

The meaning of this term is “I return (your feelings)” or “I reciprocate.” This more official method of saying “I love you too” can be used in a variety of settings, including romantic relations, and platonic interactions where there is mutual respect and affection.

7. Te amo hasta la luna ida y vuelta

Te amo hasta la luna ida y vuelta is a corny and romantic way to say i love you too in spanish. This statement is frequently used in literature, movies, or when writing a letter to someone you love because of its passion. “I love you to the moon and back” is directly translated as “Te amo hasta la luna ida y vuelta.”

Other Romantic Phrases

Now that you know how to say i love you too in spanish, let’s check out some other romantic phrases.

1. Te Quiro Tanto

This is a gentle and affectionate take on the phrase “I love you very much,” te quiero mucho. Carlos Vives and Shakira’s hit song “La Bicicleta” (The Bicycle) effectively used this term.

2. Me vuelves loco

Me vuelves loco is one of the more jovial and carefree Spanish phrases for love! Have you ever seen someone get so engaged with the cute behaviour of their partner? This term describes that kind of interaction.

3. Te tengo mucho carino

“Te tengo mucho cariño” is a nice way to show your affection without hinting at a romantic relationship. This expression is not used with someone you truly feel deeply in love with, as it doesn’t convey a strong level of affection. 

4. Estey loco por ti

You can use the passionate phrase “estey loco por ti” to tell your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other in Spanish, “I love you.” The phrase “I am crazy about you” is the same as this one. 

5. Eres mi media naranja

Eres mi media naranja could be the ideal phrase for you and your lover if you’re searching for something lighthearted to say. This expression technically means “You’re my better half” or “You complete me,” and it sounds like “You’re my half-orange.” It’s a charming and enjoyable approach to let your lover know how you feel.

6. No puedo vivir sin ti

You can say “No puedo vivir sin ti,” which translates to “I can’t live without you,” for a more dramatic way to show your affection. Though it might sound a little dramatic, love can occasionally be that powerful and all-consuming. However, you might want to hold off on utilising this on a first date.

7. Contigo hasta el último suspiro

This Spanish love phrase can be the best way to convey your desire to spend a long time with your spouse. It is one of the most adaptable and brief Spanish love phrases that is suitable for both young and old couples.

8. Te elijo hoy y por el resto de mi vida

Saying “Te elijo hoy y por el resto de mi vida” can be used to state your intention to be with your partner forever, as well as to reassure them of your conviction and happiness in their relationship. “I choose you today and for the rest of my life” is how this Spanish love quote for him is translated into English.

9. Seré el abrigo que caliente tu corazón

Seré el abrigo que caliente tu corazón Seré el abrigo que caliente tu corazón which translates as I’ll be the coat that heats your heart in English. It is an ideal statement to use when you’ve arranged a romantic journey with your partner.


The different ways to say i love you too in spanish proves why Spanish is called the language of love. It’s important to take into account the relationship’s context and degree of closeness while employing these expressions, as well as the sincerity and tone with which they are conveyed.


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