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Picture Hanging Systems in the UK – There’s a Hanging System for Everyone!

When it comes to beautiful interior design and home decor in the UK, displaying art, photos, and memorabilia on walls is a centuries-old tradition. It’s a way you can personalise space, bring back memories, or even make a bold statement. But, the job of hanging your artwork can have you worried about potential wall damage, misalignment, and then the hassle of changing or rearranging displays.

Thankfully, this is where picture hanging systems in the UK really step up and shine, bringing a versatile and elegant solution to all these challenges.

What are Picture Hanging Systems?

Picture hanging systems are a set of components designed for the easy hanging, adjustment, and removal of pictures without causing damage to walls. These systems typically include tracks or rails mounted to the wall or ceiling, hooks that move along the rail to adjust the height and positioning, and wires or cords that attach to the frame of the picture. The beauty of these systems lies in their flexibility and adaptability, allowing for the effortless display of art without the need for nails or tools.

How to Hang Pictures on the Wall

Hanging pictures might seem straightforward, but achieving a visually pleasing arrangement involves a bit more than just hammering nails into a wall. First, consider the overall composition of your display, playing around with layouts on the floor before moving to the wall and aiming for balance. When it comes to actually hanging the pictures, measure carefully, and use levels to ensure everything hangs straight. For heavier pieces, use appropriate hardware that can support the weight.

Advantages of Picture Hanging Systems

The benefits of installing a picture hanging system are many. Firstly, they eliminate the need for nails or screws for each frame, preserving your walls from damage. This is particularly appealing for renters or those who like to rearrange their displays frequently.

Additionally, picture systems offer unparalleled flexibility. Want to change the artwork displayed? Easy! Just unhook one piece and replace it with another, no tools are required. This ease makes it simple to keep your space fresh and engaging.

Finally, picture hanging systems lend a professional appearance to any space, whether it’s a home, gallery, office, or educational institution. Their clean lines and discreet design focus attention on the artwork, not on how it’s hung.

For those looking to install a picture hanging system in their UK home, here’s a brief step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Choose Your System: First, select the type of picture-hanging system that best suits your needs. Consider factors such as the weight of your artwork, the type of walls you have, and whether you prefer a ceiling or wall-mounted system.

  2. Plan Your Space: Before drilling any holes, plan where you want your pictures to go. Use painter’s tape to mark the positions on the wall, ensuring you’re happy with the layout.

  3. Install the Track: Measure and mark where your track will go. Use a level to make sure it’s straight, then drill holes, insert wall plugs (if necessary), and screw the track into place.

  4. Attach the Cords: Slide the hanging cords or wires into the track. You can adjust these later to get the perfect height for your pictures.

  5. Hang Your Art: Attach the hooks to the cords or wires, then hang your pictures. Adjust the height and positioning as needed to achieve your desired look.

How to Pick the Perfect Art for Your Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is an art in itself. The key is cohesion, not uniformity. Mix and match different types of art – paintings, prints, photographs – but keep some elements consistent, such as the colour scheme or frame style. Consider the room’s existing decor and choose art that complements it, both in colour and mood.

Don’t shy away from including personal items to add a unique touch making your gallery wall truly yours. Remember, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to art; what matters most is that it speaks to you and enhances your living space.


Picture hanging systems and photo hanging systems in the UK have revolutionised the way we approach displaying art. Because they offer a blend of flexibility, ease, and great visual appeal unmatched by traditional hanging methods, they’re now more and more popular with not only homeowners but art gallery curators who want a fail-proof art display solution. So, whether you’re a seasoned art collector or just looking to spruce up your living space, these systems can meet every need, making the task of hanging and enjoying art accessible to everyone.

Ready to transform your space with a fabulous and breathtaking art display? Contact Gallery System today for expert advice on selecting the ideal picture/photo hanging system for your UK home or office. Their friendly team is on hand to provide you with all the supplies needed to install your system effortlessly.

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