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Royal Swiss Auto Services had a successful Iftar party to mark the holy month of Ramadan

Royal Swiss Auto Services, is the No. 1 car service center in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, hosted its Iftar party on April 12, 2023 at Millenium Plaza Hotel, Downtown, Dubai which brought together hundreds of people including their employees & clients to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and foster mutual understanding and respect.

As an organization, we believe in creating a society that is inclusive and respectful of all individuals, regardless of their background, culture, or faith. This event was a wonderful opportunity to promote mutual understanding and foster meaningful connections among our community members.

The Iftar party featured a traditional meal, which included a variety of delicious dishes from different cultures. Guests had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build new relationships, further promoting understanding and cooperation among different groups.

In addition to the program and the Iftar meal, the organization distributed awards to their employees in different sectors to honor the efforts they put forth in enhancing the growth of the company.

The success of the Iftar party was made possible by the dedicated efforts of the staff of the Royal Swiss Auto Services. The event had an inspiring speech by the CEO of the organization Mr. Fahd Alhemeiri and followed by sharing of the thoughts by other members of the company.

This event served as a platform to talk about past successes and future goals, such as new projects that will guarantee sustainability and growth by upholding positive client and customer connections. Further the surprising award ceremony recognized the talents of the employees and cheered them up to reach greater goals.

About Royal Swiss Auto Services

Royal Swiss Auto Services is the most trusted largest ESMA-certified Luxury Car Service Center in the UAE offering the dealership range of car service, repair and maintenance at the most competitive prices. With multiple workstations in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, they are opening soon in Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other GCC countries to offer all sorts of auto repair services under one shelter from the hands of experienced technicians.

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