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Things you should check before getting wood flooring

One of the last steps which marks the completion of your house is the flooring. And therefore, you need to be extra conscious while getting the flooring of your house done. There are a few things which must be kept in mind before getting the flooring of your house done. Ensure that your building is properly closed before starting the work of the floorings. See that all your doors and windows have already been installed and the house does not need anything more that is to be done. It should also be made sure that every task which requires water must be done and the drainage must be active enough in carrying the water away from the building.

Using water while the flooring is being done will lead to a change in the dimensions of the flooring. There are various tasks such as masonry, dry wall, etc which require a lot of water even days after the task has been completed. Installation of wood flooring such as engineered oak flooring in this case will lead to the humidity and direct water on the floor which will lead to a significant damage even before installation.

Once the installation has been done, make sure that the building remains well ventilated and no trace of humidity or heat is there in the house. Also, since basement is a damp and humid space, make sure that you do not get the oak flooring or any other such flooring installed in these areas. Humidity or the presence of moisture leads to a damage in the wood flooring as the wood absorbs moisture and gets deformed. Make sure that all the fans, air conditioners and the ventilation is working and must be set between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the ideal humidity required must be between 30- 50% percent.

If you are someone looking for a more detailed view on what are the things you should check on before getting the wood flooring done, then please refer to the infographic attached.

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