Top 10 Tips To Develop An Effective Landing Page

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Learn How To Develop A Landing Page That Will Skyrocket Your Conversions

Industries around the world have moved their marketing campaigns online. Landing pages assist companies in developing efficient marketing strategies for their products and services. A landing page is an important part of the design development process and is meant to engage visitors and drive them further down the conversion funnel.

Your landing page design needs to be flawless, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. How can you design a landing page that is effective enough to convert visitors and get them to buy or sign up? A great landing page design can take your business from a sales slump to a new customer explosion.

  1. Your landing page should correspond to your ad, email, or other material.

How would you feel if you went to a scarf shop and discovered that they actually sell hats? You would definitely be bewildered, and maybe a little irritated. That’s the same feeling people would have if your landing page had nothing to do with the ad someone clicked on.

If you have an ad or send an email about selling scarves and the link sends people to a landing page with all the clothes you sell, chances are you’re not getting the boost in scarf sales you were hoping for.

The same goes for calls to action. If your ad, email, or other content is focused on getting people to make a purchase, your landing page should be a place where people can buy something.

If you want people to contact you from your ad, your landing page must include a form or information that tells people how to get in touch.

  1. Include a call to action (CTA)

You don’t want to give your audience too many options on your website’s landing page. Pick a call to action and stick with it.

That way, you can focus more on getting people to do one thing, instead of dividing their attention and damaging the effectiveness of your message and design.

  1. Write great copy

To design landing pages that convert, you need to give people a reason to convert—and make it easy, of course. Your copy plays an important role in convincing people to give you their information (or their money). First, make sure you tell people what they’re getting into.

Whether it’s an online course or an email newsletter, people need to understand what you offer from the design of your landing page.

Second, identify a value proposition and use it. Basically, ask yourself what makes your business stand out from your competitors.

How do your products or services improve people’s lives? Do you offer anything for free? Is your consultation process quick and easy?

  1. Avoid cluttering your design

Gone are the days of busy and clunky web design. Let your content breathe. You don’t need to clutter your page with unnecessary icons or images.

Giving space to different sections of your website can help you draw attention to specific elements. It makes things easier to read and can even help understanding what they’re reading.

  1. Use color wisely

Color has the ability to influence how people feel and act. If used wisely, they can improve reading comprehension, and learning, and affect people’s emotions. Using contrasting colors can also draw attention to specific areas of your website.

  1. Offer visual cues

When designing a landing page, you should consider strategic placement of graphics and images on the page so that they draw people’s attention to important or clickable elements.

The first thing that comes to mind is arrows. This is an obvious approach to direct people’s gaze and mouse to the desired location.

But you don’t have to be so flashy. If you wish to incorporate a photo on your website, angle the elements toward your buttons or crucial content.

  1. Create a trusted identity

Include as many trust signals as you can to show visitors that your offer and brand are trustworthy. Most sites display social proof in the form of a customer list, press mentions, usage statistics, and testimonials.

Good landing pages make heavy use of testimonials, trust marks, and badges. Testimonials are considered a classic sign of trust that reassures visitors.

Trust badges include logos of well-known brands you’ve worked with, endorsements and recognition you’ve received, and groups and coalitions you’re a member of.

All of these seals of approval will give your customers more confidence in your brand and encourage them to move further down the conversion funnel.

  1. Run A/B tests

Just making a landing page is not enough. You should also test if it works fine. To check if your landing page can drive conversions, you need to run A/B tests to collect valuable analytics on how users are engaging with the landing page. You can A/B test the following:

  • Headings
  • CTAs
  • Images and graphics
  • Buttons (appearance, text, and location)
  • Trust signals
  • Press quotes
  • Placement of page elements (blocks)
  • Navigation links
  1. Adhere to mobile-first principles

To broaden their reach, brands have adopted mobile strategies first, as half of all web activity comes from mobile devices. To improve your conversion rate, your landing page should have a responsive design. An effective landing page should look great on mobile devices, load quickly, and be very clickable.

  1. Use a video to show the UVP

Embedded videos are used on video landing pages to help show the unique value proposition(UVP). Video content is optional, but video can provide a 360-degree view of your product or service in ways that text and images cannot.

Videos offer entertainment, arouse emotions, and add value of their own. You can even create short, catchy movies to market your product or service and create a memorable experience with your brand.

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