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The Easiest Way to Transfer Email from Zoho Mail to Gmail

Hi friends, if you want to transfer email from Zoho Mail to Gmail then you may know that manual process is a headache. It has several limitations like you can share email if you have POP3 account configured, can’t transfer email files of more than 500 MB and what not. After losing all my hopes with the manual trick, I make my mind to try an automatic method.

I have successfully transferred my emails from Zoho Mail account to Gmail. Now, I have both the account’s email in one place, and my work is going smooth. I have come up with this post for all those who are tired of searching solutions for Zoho Mail to Gmail transfer. Hope my trick and method works for you.

How Do I Get To Know About The Best Solution?

Let me start from the beginning. From a while, I want to make the transfer of my Zoho Mail due to multiple spam issues. I have done my all research on Gmail and find it the best alternative for my Zoho emails. Several challenges cross my way during Zoho Mail to Gmail transfer process. Let me give a brief.

#Challenge1 – Can’t transfer specific Folder from Zoho to Gmail manually

When I tried the Zoho Mail to Gmail POP3 connect process, I wasn’t able to transfer a specific folder like my company folder to Gmail account. Moreover, it isn’t very pleasant.

#Challenge2 -Technicalities are not easy to digest

If you are someone who ignores settings of the email account and the advance features, manual trick are a waste of time. It takes enormous time and energy.

I shared my concern with the Admin department of my workplace. They recommend me of using Email Backup Tool. My company has accomplished many email transfer process with it, and it guarantees 100% results.

How to Use Zoho Mail to Gmail Transfer Tool?

It’s an effortless task. Firstly, download the Zoho Mail to Gmail email converter tool. It quickly gets installed on your machine. One thing to keep in mind is that it only supports Windows OS. After the launch, read specific guidelines and setup done.

Before we get into the step-by-step process to transfer Zoho Mail to Gmail, please take a look at its highlight.

  1. The straightforward method of transferring emails from Zoho to Gmail.
  2. Able to mass transfer Zoho Mail accounts to Gmail with total precision.
  3. Gives you the freedom to select the required folder from Zoho Mail for the task.
  4. Not at all the file size limitation or external application support.
  5. 100% tested and verified from any error.

The software can be an ideal choice for any non-technical user, expert, IT admin, or for any project. Now, let me introduce to you its working.

How to Transfer email from Zoho Mail to Gmail?

  1. Open the software and click the Open button and choose Add Account option.
  2. Fill the credentials of your Zoho account – email address and password. Hit the Add button.
  3. The software analyses the folder in your Zoho account and lists it in software widow. Please choose the required folders.
  4. Now, to transfer email from Zoho Mail to Gmail, select Gmail as the saving option.
  5. Enter the account details of Gmail. Also, you can make use of Filter option if you want to sort email messages by date, time, and subject.
  6. Tap on the transfer button and analyze the live process.

After it all ends, login to your Gmail account, you will find a folder name as Zoho with the current date. Please open it and get 100% accurate results.

My Confession

You can’t get a better solution than this to transfer email from Zoho Mail to Gmail. It doesn’t store any of your personal information as follows one of the best privacy methods. I was satisfied and happy after using the software. I hope you also find it that way. They also have 24*7 active support services for any questions.

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