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What should I do to Prepare for my first Spirit flight

You can initiate the Spirit flight journey by booking your Spirit Flight Ticket. Spirit has made multiple tasks easy and convenient for you. There are multiple advantages of booking with Spirit Airlines but you must know about some certain facts and rules before flying with Spirit Airlines. Check some of the most important things which you must prepare before flying with Spirit Airlines including baggage limitation, check-in in flight facilities etc.

What should you keep in mind before flying with Spirit Airlines

  • Check-in on time (online starts before 24 hours and for offline check-in present at airport before 3 hours)
  • Do not over pack your bags and pack only those articles which are allowed in the flight.
  • Keep your ticket safe till the date of departure and do not forget to bring a govt ID proof along with other important documents.
  • In case your name has changed due to marriage or any other legal name change, bring the valid govt issued documents with you.

Cost for Exceeded Bag Weight

Spirit carriers only permit 40 pounds for checked baggage, compared to other carriers’ 50-pound weight limit. There are a number of fixed penalties in place if you overpack or if your checked or carry-on luggage is too big. You will pay an additional $79 for 41 to 50 pounds, and $125 for 51 to 100 pounds. Additionally, bags can only be 62 inches long; lengths between 63 and 80 inches would incur an additional $150 fee.

Seat Selection Cost Frontier Airlines

Legroom is naturally greater in aisle seats, but you will pay for it. You have two options when buying a flight with Spirit Airlines. In addition to the ticket price, you may have to spend anything from $1 to $200 to reserve a certain seat.

Pay for extra Comfortable Seats

Spirit paid seat selection cost may be different according to route and destination selected by you. Passengers who need extra comfort or want to travel only on any particular seat can reserve their seat in advance by pre booking. These leather chairs are broader than typical and provide an additional six inches of legroom.

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