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AFK Arena Guide – Where To Find The Stores In The Game

Developed by Lilith Games, who also created Rise of Kingdoms, AFK Arena launched in 2018 and combines elements from idle games, role-playing games, and squad-based strategy games. More specifically, this game employs the standard role-playing game mechanics of strategic combat and character development. Additionally, the game features auto-battle and the abundant reward structure of an idle or incremental game.

The reward system in AFK Arena is so extensive that it makes use of five different shops and several currencies. As such, we’ll survey the game’s retail establishments, their wares, and their currencies. Knowing what each shop sells and what currency is accepted will help you plot out your next steps.

AFK Arena Stores

There is a wide variety of weapons, character cards, and other accessories available for purchase in AFK Arena Shops. In order to expedite the process, each location has its own restocking schedule and restocking fee. You’ll need patience with store restocks unless you have an infinite supply of in-game currency, as is the case with most freemium role-playing games. The most efficient approach to shop is to hasten the pace at which shelves are restocked. Now that we have that out of the way, read on for a summary of each shop.

Normal Store

Throughout the course of the game, the Regular shop has shown to be the most common. This shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and restocks at midnight GMT every day. With 100 diamonds, players can hasten the replenishment of this shop’s supply. Hero’s Essence (used to increase a hero’s level), crates of gold, rare items (hero cards, armor, weapons), and common items are all available here (Hero Cards, Weapons, Armors). For those who have gotten to Chapters 10–22, this shop also sells mythic items. The regular store may be found in the hub shop in Ranhorn.

Barracks Store

The Barracks Store is a shop dedicated to the service of heroes. Heroes can obtain Hero Coins, the store’s currency, upon retirement. In order to summon uncommon and exceptional heroes, the Barracks Store is your best bet for purchasing a soulstone.

Afk Arena PC Barracks Store

Not only does this shop provide the crucial soulstones for enhancing heroes, but it also sells soulstones that are unique to each hero. Once a month, for the low, low price of a thousand diamonds, the Barracks store is restocked. The primary shop in Ranhorn can get you to this one.

Labyrinth Store

Due of its vast selection, the Labyrinth Store is most analogous to a supermarket. Labyrinth coins, obtained as loot from defeating bosses in the Arcane Labyrinth, are required for use in this shop. This shop also does a monthly real-time resupply for a price of one thousand gems. If you’re looking for powerful heroes to help you ascend, the Labyrinth Shop is your best bet.

Guild Store

The Guild Shop is only accessible to players who have either founded or joined a guild. The Guild Shop also accepts Guild Coins, a special currency earned through participation in guild events. You can find high-end equipment in Guild Shops, since the store will have Legendary gears after you complete Chapters 10-22 of the Campaign, and Mythic gears after you complete Chapters 12-2. In exchange for 100 diamonds, players can hasten the store’s restocking.

Challenger Store

Our final recommendation is the Challenger Shop. The rarest heroes in the game can be found at this shop. Challenger coins are a form of currency used exclusively in the Challenger Shop, much as the Labyrinth and the Guild Store. The coins needed for the shop can be won at the end of Legend’s Challenger Tournaments if you do well enough. It is said that acquiring a Challenger coin is the equivalent of winning the lottery.

With enough Challenger Coins, though, a player can acquire the game’s rarest characters. Some of the names on that list are Merlin, Ezizh, Orthos, Athalia, Flora, and Zolrath. The challenger store can be restocked for 100 Diamonds.

The Noble Tavern is a hero summoning area in the game, and it can be found among the shops. Heroes’ upgrades can be reset in the Rickety Cart as well. When a hero is reset, the player regains any experience, Hero Essence, and gold used for the upgrade. The game’s economy and character development are supported by a number of other shops and hubs. All but the most exclusive of these businesses have restricted entry.

Play AFK Arena on PC

With AFK Arena and Retro Bowl, you may enjoy brief, intense RPG combat on the go for as long as you like. Lilith Games performed an excellent job with the game’s development. The game’s simple visual style and intuitive controls make it worth checking out.

Those unfamiliar with AFK Arena should know that “AFK” stands for “Away from Keyboard.” Yet, if you want to see or play this game, your own computer is where it’s at. To get AFK Arena, just go to the link and install it.

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