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The Basics of Kitchen Worktops in Colchester

Hiring a Kitchen remodeler and completing a kitchen renovation is a hassle enough on its own. Let the task of finding the right kitchen worktops in Colchester be the least of your worries today. So here is a guide on all aspects of worktops so you can make your decision with just a little more ease, as worktops have changed a lot over recent years.

Marble and granite remain as classic as ever, yet much more affordable now. Laminate worktops have seen immense improvement in recent years, and we even have concrete worktops today. There have been changes in how these old worktops are used, as well as many new worktops to explore.

Granite worktops

Granite worktops continue to remain as popular as they’ve always been. They are much loved by people for use as worktops as well as other construction purposes. Although as time has passed, it has become much more affordable. They can be easily identified by their tan colour and patterns. Their lighter and darker variations are becoming more common these days.

If you’re planning to get granite Kitchen Worktops In Colchester, then you should know the following facts about granite worktops.

  • Low-Maintenance – Granite worktops are easy to clean and do not require maintenance other than sealing them twice a year.
  • Low Porosity – they are not much porous, to begin with, and they are sealed to make it even harder for water or other liquids to get through.
  • Resistant To Hear – Granite worktops are tough and bear well against heat. You should use heating pads and trivets when placing hot pans on the surface. Although, placing a hot utensil on it every once in a while will not harm it either way.
  • Variety – Granite worktops come in many varieties and different grades. You also get many colour variations.
  • Durable – these worktops are one of the most durable worktops in the market. They will last a very long time, and you will not have to replace them in your life if you buy a higher-grade worktop and take good care of it.
  • You Cannot DIY It – It is very heavy, and you will need a professional to help install it. Granite worktops do not crack easily, although careless installation practices may cause issues later.

Quartz worktops

More and more people are beginning to prefer quartz as they hire kitchen remodeling services to revamp their spaces!

Removing the old worktops, they want to get them replaced with engineered quartz worktops that are a great replacement for granite and marble. They provide more benefits at a much lower price and can be made to look like either of the stones.

So if you think Quartz is the right choice for you, take a look at these factors:

  • Less To No Maintenance Required – It is as easy to clean as granite without the long-term maintenance attached. You will not have to seal, buff, or file it.
  • Tough As Nails – It is next to impossible to break or crack it. If you try to chip the edges, you’ll find that even that is not so easy.
  • Clean As A Whistle – compared to Granite, quartz worktops are even more non-porous. They don’t need to be sealed and won’t allow even a speck of food particles or liquid spills to be absorbed into them, leaving no room for bacteria to grow or thrive.
  • Variety – As quartz Kitchen Worktops in Colchester are engineered to make slabs for worktops, you will get a ton of options to style it. You can choose varying shades and patterns. If you want, you can also make it look like granite or marble. This is a huge benefit when you hire Kitchen Remodeling Services. as you can make sure your worktop will blend in with any hues you pick for your area.
  • Heat – as made using resin, it is not very durable against heat. Placing hot utensils on it should be avoided at all costs.
  • While it is cheaper than marble and granite, it can be expensive compared to other worktops.

Marble worktops

There’s probably no material more luxurious than marble out there!

Whether you’re talking about worktops or any other use in construction, it is one of the costly, opulent, and high-end materials used in kitchens and kitchen worktops. Their most popular range is the white marble with grey veining across it. Other than that, you might find gorgeous greens, greys, and a variety of other colours. It is used extensively in bakery kitchens as it is a very cool worktop making it the perfect for baking preparations.

  • Expensive but worth it – without a doubt, marble worktops fall on the more expensive side of things, but it is worth the cost as it will add value to your home. So when you get Kitchen Remodeling Services, make sure to install marble worktops in your kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Heat Resistant – Like granite, marble is highly resistant to heat damage. It will neither deform nor discolour or become misshapen.
  • Water-Resistant – Marble has low porosity, and as you seal it before use, it becomes virtually water-resistant. It will keep it hygienic and from staining.
  • Perfect For a Bakers Kitchen – if you’re into baking, especially French pastries, then marble is the right choice. It is the best surface to roll out that delicate and buttery puff pastry dough.
  • Maintenance – It should be sealed twice a year like granite, or you risk staining it an ungodly colour.

The end

While we have reached the end of this guide, we’ve nowhere near scratched the surface of how many worktops are out there today.

If you want to learn more or you’ve made your choice, then get on over to Solid Worktops for the best worktops you can get for your bathroom and kitchen.

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